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Our 17 Best Blog Posts From 2017

Our 17 Best Blog Posts From 2017

Our-17-Best-Blog-Posts-From-2017.jpgWell, there ya have it, folks. When we weren't looking, 2017 sped right past us, and now 2018 is just around the corner.

Remember last January when we were all so excited to say goodbye to 2016 and start fresh? It seems as though each year we're a little more hopeful for what the next may hold. So here we are, no doubt crossing our fingers and wishing that 2018 will be even better.

As we reflect on the past year at Influence & Co., we're reviewing our content to see what worked, what didn't, which pieces engaged our audience, and which maybe fell a little flat. Out of the pool of winners, we've gathered our very best blog posts to share with you here in one place.

So find a comfy chair, turn on your favorite tunes from 2017, and check out our 17 most popular blog posts from the past year:

1. The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing

What is content marketing, exactly? What goes into an effective content strategy? How do you implement one?

Do we hear these questions often? Every. Single. Day. For all your content marketing questions, we created this ultimate guide.

2. How to Develop a Content Strategy

Sixty-two percent of the most successful marketers have documented their content marketing strategy — have you? Check out our recommendations for getting started developing your documented content strategy.

3. 6 Steps for Becoming an Authentic Thought Leader

Sometimes it seems as though everyone and his (or her) mom is a "thought leader." But what is a true thought leader? And how can you become one in your industry? This blog post is essential reading for anyone looking to learn more about authentic thought leadership through content.

4. Confessions of a Headline Queen: 3 Keys to Crafting Catchy Titles

As consumers of content, we know the types of headlines that intrigue us. But when it comes to writing headlines for our own content, we find ourselves playing a guessing game. Here are a few lessons I've learned about crafting those catchy titles that will land you more readers.

5. A Case of Mistaken Identity: Content Marketing vs. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing and content marketing are completely different strategies. (Try to contain your audible gasp.) Not only are they different, but when it comes to executing these strategies, you're also better off if you begin with one approach first. Check out this post to see which one.

6. Finding Flow: How an Editorial Workflow Brings Your Content to Life

Your editorial workflow is one of the most essential elements of your content creation process — but it rarely gets the recognition it deserves. This post explains the value of an effective workflow and breaks down the editorial workflow we use — which, if you ask us, is pretty darn effective.

7. Hungry for Insights? 4 Marketing Lessons From BuzzFeed’s Tasty Videos

By now, I bet all of us have seen a BuzzFeed Tasty video somewhere on our news feeds. While they're great for learning to make yummy treats, they can also teach marketers a thing or two about content. This was one our most fun blog posts from 2017 — enjoy!

8. How Much an Effective In-House Content Marketing Team Will Cost

A dedicated content marketing team helps ensure your efforts are successful. When it comes to building that team, though, do you create one internally or outsource? This blog post breaks down the costs so you can determine which route makes sense for your company.

9. 6 Things You Need Before You Ever Start Publishing Content

Want to start publishing content? That's great! Before you jump right in, though, there are a few things you need to have in place. In this post, we share six of the most important items to check off your list before you create content.

10. Meet the New PR

Have you noticed that public relations hasn't really seemed like itself lately? In fact, it's pretty different from what it used to be. Yeah, we noticed that, too. Check out this post (and the downloadable guide to public relations at the bottom) to meet the new PR.

11. Fuel Data-Driven Decision-Making With ‘The State of Digital Media’

We surveyed editors from leading online publications and used our custom software to analyze more than four million pieces of digital content. If you're interested in creating better content or becoming a guest contributor, then read our key findings here.

12. Think You Can Do Content Marketing Without Social Media? Think Again

The ins and outs of social media can be overwhelming. But if you’re practicing content marketing, social media needs to be part of your strategy. Here's why — and how you can grow your social following.

13. How to Achieve Big Results With a Small Content Team

There's no "right" size when it comes to assembling a content marketing team. And if you're trying to be as efficient as possible, chances are that your team is pretty small. Here's how to maximize the value of a small content team and see big results.

14. 5 Ways to Take Your Content Marketing From Good to Great

There's always something new you could be doing to advance your content marketing efforts. This post details five ways you can take your content from good to great.

15. The Complete Guide to Effective Content Distribution

We put together the be-all-end-all guide to content distribution. Check out this post, and make sure you download the guide at the end.

16. 7 Simple Ways Content Marketers Can Sharpen Their SEO

Effective SEO goes hand in hand with content marketing. But for many content creators, executing an SEO strategy is baffling, to say the least. This post shares seven simple ways you can sharpen your SEO skills.

17. 3 Ways to Avoid Committing the Biggest Content Marketing Mistake

Don't be self-promotional in your content. Nobody wants to read it, and editors don't want to publish it. Avoid making this content marketing mistake by following the three recommendations in this post.

If you want to chat more about any of these blog posts or the ideas and tips mentioned, set up a call with us below:

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