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Fuel Data-Driven Decision-Making With ‘The State of Digital Media’


Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion.

Aside from being a personal favorite of mine, this quote from W. Edwards Deming reflects how our content marketing teams make decisions.

Anyone can have an idea, a thought, or an opinion. In the world of digital media, those original ideas drive some of the best, most creative pieces of content. But data still helps us refine those ideas and maximize their impact on our audiences and our bottom line. It helps us measure, test, and constantly improve what we do, and in an industry like this, that data is critical.

Between our relationships with editors at more than 1,200 online publications and our custom content marketing software, the Influence & Co. team has access to some powerful data.

So we decided to conduct our second online publishing industry survey and use our software to analyze published content to learn more about the state of digital media and help you make better decisions driven by data. You can find the full results in our latest report, The State of Digital Media, and check out a few key findings below.

Our findings show that the majority of publication editors plan to increase the amount of contributed content they accept and publish to their sites.

The results of the survey also indicate the most common problems editors see with contributions, why they reject content, how they measure success, and more. While guest posting continues to be an effective tactic to build thought leadership, teams can increase their chances of success with these data-driven insights.

But digital content doesnt start and stop with guest contributions. Your content marketing strategy should include more diverse content types, too, like educational blog content, infographics, case studies, gated downloads, and more.

Through our analysis of more than 4 million pieces of published content, we learned how word count and content length affect an articles performance; when and on which platforms audiences are most engaged with content; the qualities the best headlines share; and so much more.

For more data-driven insights to fuel your content and digital marketing efforts, download your free copy of The State of Digital Media below.


About Brittany Dowell

Brittany Dowell is a digital marketer and former vice president of content at Influence & Co.


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