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Improve Your Content Strategy With ‘The State of Digital Media 2021’

Improve Your Content Strategy With ‘The State of Digital Media 2021’

With the perpetual rise of technology and ever-changing norms, the digital media industry is in a constant state of change. And that was only amplified by the coronavirus health crisis that hit in 2020.

Influence & Co.'s latest "The State of Digital Media" report explores how the digital media industry has been affected by the pandemic, and it highlights digital media trends that marketers, content creators, and publishers can use to serve their audiences well and achieve their goals.

Between our relationships with editors, journalists, and contributors at online publications and our custom content marketing software, the Influence & Co. team has access to some powerful data.

So we conducted our third digital media survey and used our software to analyze published content to learn more about the state of digital media and help you make better content decisions driven by data. You can find the full results in our 2021 “The State of Digital Media” report.

To give you a sneak peek, here are a couple of key findings from the report:

  • 93% of editors plan to publish the same amount of guest-contributed content — or more — in 2021.

  • 38% of journalists and contributors plan to quote or feature more industry experts and companies in their content in 2021, while 62% plan to feature the same number as last year.

For more data-driven insights to fuel your content and digital marketing efforts, download your free copy of “The State of Digital Media 2021.”

2021 The State of Digital Media. Download the report now.

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I'm a content-obsessed word person with a passion for finding the coziest coffee shop in town. By day, I'm the content marketing manager at Intero Digital's Content & PR Division. In my downtime, you can find me hanging out with my husband and son, reading a book, sipping a latte, drawing, hand lettering, or watching "The Office" for the zillionth time.


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