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The Complete Guide to Effective Content Distribution

The Complete Guide to Effective Content Distribution

strategicdistribution.pngI'm in the process of planning my wedding. And while getting ready for my big day with my favorite person has been an exciting adventure, our wedding-planning journey hasn't exactly been as smooth as I hoped it would.

I'm not an expert wedding planner, and taking on this responsibility has been stressful. Each day, I find myself in the middle of another project, another call, another online search for the information I need.

With all the options out there and with so many things I'm told I have to get done, I'm worried I could be missing something. What I really need is a thought leader in wedding planning to educate me with the right content to help me make the right decisions for my event.

This problem I'm facing isn't unique; it's what drives audiences in every industry through the buyer's journey, and it's a part of what makes content marketing so effective. That content, though, isn't going to mean much if no one ever finds it, and that's where your distribution strategy becomes so critical.

In his bestselling business book, "Top of Mind," our CEO, John Hall, illustrates this point pretty perfectly. He presents the buyer's journey as a hike through the desert. To make it through, you need enough water at the right points on your hike. You don't need coffee or soda. You don't need a bunch of water all at the beginning or all at the end of your hike. You need the right fuel at the right times throughout.

I feel like I've been left high and dry on my wedding hike, desperate for water on my decision-making journey. And when you don't actively distribute your content to your audience members, that's how they feel, too.

To help you ensure you're not leaving hikers high and dry without your content to quench their thirst, we've created "The Ultimate Guide to Effective Content Distribution." This in-depth whitepaper will show you how to strategically distribute your content so that both you and your audience get the most value out of your content.

Get your copy of "The Ultimate Guide to Effective Content Distribution" below: 


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About Natalie Slyman

Natalie Slyman is a content marketing and social media professional. She enjoys reading her favorite blogs, perusing Instagram, and talking about her cats (even when no one is listening).


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