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Our Top 15 Pieces of Blog Content in 2015

Our Top 15 Pieces of Blog Content in 2015

mash.pngCan you believe another year has already passed us? That was, as Jimmy John’s would say, freaky fast.

But as fast as it was, it was jam-packed with updates, trends, and predictions — and all the pieces of content they were shared in.

So to help us celebrate the closing of 2015 — and to provide a recap so you can ensure 2016 is even better — here’s a list of our top 15 best-performing articles that went live on The Knowledge Bank last year:

1. 5 Unexpected Content Marketing Trends From CMI’s 2016 Report5unexpectedtrends.png

We read Content Marketing Institute’s 2016 B2B Benchmarks report. Check out this post to read about our top five unexpected discoveries and what they mean for your team.

2. Create Better Content Faster With a Company Knowledge Bank

We all carry around more knowledge than we can imagine. But accessing those insights when writing content requires a bit more legwork than a Post-it. Discover how you can shave time off of content creation by using a knowledge bank to store your expertise.

3. Why CMOs Need to Start Building the C-Suite’s Executive Brands

CMOs are starting to realize that the experts within their companies are their biggest marketing assets — and for good reason. Read why building your C-suite’s executive brand is the key to this strategy.

4. Crystallize Your Content Marketing ROI With This Comprehensive Guide

Did you know that content marketing produces three times more leads per dollar than other strategies? However, that’s under the assumption that your content efforts are targeting the right people with the right message. The only way to know that is by measuring your success. Use these four steps to measure content marketing ROI.

5. ‘7 Steps to Using a Knowledge Bank to Streamline Content Creation


We’ve gone over the benefits of a knowledge bank, but how do you actually utilize this time-saving tool and get everyone on your team involved? Here’s your seven-step guide.

6. 5 Ways to Cut the Noise From Your Writing

You can’t rush content creation. Hurried writing will only lead to sloppy content that doesn’t connect with your readers or stand out in the saturated online environment. By using these five tips, you can eliminate unnecessary noise and create crisp, dynamic content.

7. Thought Leader or Speculator? Why Your Content Needs to Take a Stance

Companies often worry about being ostracized after presenting a controversial idea, but sometimes, there can be a disconnect between knowing a customer and knowing what that customer wants to read. Here are five reasons why your content needs to take a stance.

8. Heading to INBOUND 2015? Here’s Your Insider’s Guide

To fully take advantage of what the amazing HubSpot INBOUND conference has to offer, you have to plan for what’s ahead. Check out this insider’s guide from a fellow attendee.

9. The Essential Team Members of Your Content Marketing Strategy2.png

Before you dive into creating content, though, you're going to want to build a professional team. Notice that I didn't say "You're going to want to stretch one person really thin with all this responsibility on her own," or "You should know that winging it is totally fine! It's just content marketing — should be pretty easy stuff!"

Content isn't a one-person operation, and executing it well requires some experts who know what they're doing. If you're serious about generating measurable results from your efforts, then a team is essential.

10. 7 Content Distribution Techniques You Totally Forgot About

Let’s face it: When it comes to content, we’re all “distributing.” We’re writing, publishing, and sharing. Everybody’s doing it. But are they really? Let’s reinvigorate the word “distribution” and talk about the techniques we’ve totally forgotten to employ with our published content.

11. How Our Guest Content Boosted Conversions by 151%

By diving into our team’s campaign results for the first quarter of 2015, we showed you just how we boosted referral conversions by 151 percent in just three months and what a valuable, well-developed content strategy can do for your bottom line.

12. 45 Stats That Make the Case For Content Marketing ROI

The Internet is full of data on content marketing. To help you make your case, we’ve pulled 45 stats that are sure to resonate with your C-suite.

13. Why 75% of Marketers Are Doing Content Marketing All Wrong3.png

The No. 1 rule is to tell great stories first and sell great products second. Unfortunately, companies are still missing the boat. Find out why 75 percent of marketers are doing content marketing wrong — and how to fix it.

14. 5 Unlikely Brands Killing It With Their Content Campaigns

As marketers, creating engaging content is our existential dilemma — one we’re constantly trying to solve. To showcase content strategy at its finest, see how Red Bull, Stanford University, Chevrolet, and other unexpected brands have mastered content campaign execution.

15. Why High-Quality Content Is Vital to Your Lead Generation Campaign

It’s no secret that lead generation is a struggle for many companies. Reports from eMarketer and MarketingSherpa indicate that between 60 percent and 68 percent of B2B marketers identify lead generation as a challenge. Find out how an investment in high-quality content will pay off in the form of successful campaigns and more leads.

Want the ultimate guide to tackling content marketing like a pro in 2016? Download the 4-step guide below: 4 step guide pink button

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