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Create Better Content Faster With a Company Knowledge Bank

Create Better Content Faster With a Company Knowledge Bank


We carry around more knowledge than we can imagine in our heads. Though this might seem like a safe place to store and access your thoughts and ideas, the mind has its glitches. When the time comes to sit down and crank out content, it can easily go haywire. 

Rather than rely on the faulty brain to catalog and manage your thoughts, ideas, and experiences, store them in one reliable location. By taking the time to record and neatly package your insights, you can easily access them when a relevant article topic strikes. 

We continually gather and organize the information our clients share with us in searchable knowledge banks. As we’ve expanded these knowledge banks, we’ve also reinvented the way we create content. Some of our clients’ most off-the-wall or spontaneous thoughts have transformed into influential articles. This is all because we faithfully catalog their expertise using our exclusive Knowledge Management Template.

Shave Time Off Content Creation With a Knowledge Bank

Your audience craves education, and sharing your company’s unique expertise will guide them through the buyer’s journey, build trust, and personalize your content. But repeatedly asking an exec questions takes time that neither one of you has — especially with deadlines looming. By storing her ideas in one place, you can access a repository of company knowledge right when you need it.

But to capitalize on the time-saving potential of a knowledge bank, you need to rally team members around the idea and actively upload, manage, and organize the information.

This infographic shows how your team can get the most out of your knowledge bank:


Once you have a fluid system for gathering and compiling the wealth of knowledge within your company, you can sift through the information to identify any trends, potential article ideas, or areas that could supplement future articles. You can then tap into the knowledge bank to fuel more vibrant company content.

The next time you perfectly explain a concept to a co-worker or provide a unique example that really illustrates an overall message, don’t let that moment go to waste. Clear, effective communication is crucial in the content marketing world. By taking the time to store these brilliant ideas, you can create more compelling content in a fraction of the time.

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