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The Brands We’d Love to See More Content From

The Brands We’d Love to See More Content From

One of our favorite parts of working in content marketing is coming up with new and innovative content ideas for our clients (and our own company)! We love thinking of ways to help brands showcase their expertise and build industry influence through content.

So we asked our team: If you could create a content strategy for any company, what would you do?


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Here’s what some of our team members decided:

Fashion for Good

Caylin Willis, Marketing Assistant

A "global initiative to inspire change and drive the collective movement to make fashion a force for good," Fashion for Good has a museum and a digital innovation platform that it uses to connect sustainable and innovative brands with retailers, manufacturers, and investors.

The company has a huge social presence, especially on LinkedIn, where it shares updates about the innovators and investors Fashion for Good brings together, along with the deals that come from them.

What would Caylin do if she were in charge?

Caylin thinks there's a huge opportunity for Fashion for Good to build its presence even more with two specific types of content: blog posts and guest posts.

Fashion for Good already has a good foundation of on-site content that consists of whitepapers detailing niche industry trends and insights. Because these whitepapers are in-depth and highly educational, Caylin sees an opportunity for Fashion for Good to repurpose those insights to create additional pieces of bite-sized content in the form of blog posts. Caylin also notes that Fashion for Good has a Medium feed, but it's a bit inconsistent and sparse. "I'd like to see more articles from Fashion for Good's experts that highlight the company's expertise," Caylin says.

Additionally, Fashion for Good has an opportunity to build its influence and awareness through guest posts. While the company gets a lot of press due to the innovators and brands it brings together, the focus of these features is always on the brands. Caylin would like to hear more about Fashion for Good and see it get the credit it deserves for all of the work it's doing for the sustainable fashion movement. Caylin believes guest-contributed articles bylined by Fashion for Good's subject matter experts being published in industry publications could position the company as a thought leader in the sustainable fashion industry, not just a mediator or agent between companies.

"The sustainable fashion movement has been stirring for a while, but in recent years, it has finally infiltrated into everyday conversations," Caylin says. "It's not just a dialogue among industry experts anymore. The average consumer wants to learn more about clothing consumption and eco-friendly brands, and because Fashion for Good has proven itself to be an expert in this industry, I'd like to see it make more content that can help with that — content that speaks directly to consumers and brands alike."


Kent Cameros, Account Services Associate

Glossier is a beauty brand that has gained a huge following for its minimalist, fresh-faced aesthetic and approach to beauty and skincare.

"The brand emphasizes a 'skin first, makeup second' philosophy that focuses on enhancing natural beauty rather than covering it up," says Kent. "Overall, Glossier has been successful in creating a strong brand identity and connecting with its target audience. It has built a loyal following through its inclusive, transparent approach to beauty, and its products are designed to meet the needs of modern, busy people who want to look and feel their best without spending hours on their makeup and skincare routine."

In addition to its ultra-popular social media channels, Glossier has a blog, Into the Gloss, that covers a variety of topics related to makeup, skincare, and hair — including interviews. Plus, the brand has a newsletter that delivers interviews, product reviews, and more directly to customers' inboxes.

What would Kent do if he were in charge?

Glossier already shares a lot of "behind the scenes" content on its social channels and blog, including #ITGTopShelfie content. But there's an opportunity to make it simpler for customers to submit their user-generated content to the brand. Glossier could create a community on its website for customers to share their experiences, success stories, and tips and tricks with the brand and one another. This space would be more collaborative and conversational than the monologue style of #ITGTopShelfie blog posts.

Glossier has also made some strides in sustainability, including using recycled materials in its packaging. "But it could create more content on its sustainability efforts and goals," Kent says. "This could include information on their supply chain and how they are working to reduce their environmental impact." This is especially important given Gen Z's penchant for sustainability and socially conscious brands.


Chelsea McKee, Senior PR Strategist

Kindbody offers fertility and wellness services through "best-in-class care, accessible pricing, and a seamless patient experience." It also provides employee fertility benefit services to empower families to take fertility into their own hands.

What would Chelsea do if she were in charge?

For starters, Chelsea sees an opportunity to expand the reach of at-home testing kits through Amazon marketing. Then, because trust can be so hard to build in this industry, Chelsea recommends focusing on thought leadership content, including guest posts and PR, to position the company as a trustworthy partner for families and their fertility journey. She also sees an opportunity for Kindbody to create content that supports benefits plan relationships with large corporations.


Are there any content ideas that you’d love to see your favorite brand publish? We'd love to hear from you on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!


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