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What It's Like to Work at Influence & Co.

What It's Like to Work at Influence & Co.

“We’re a great place to work!”

You’re bound to see those words again and again if you’re hoping to make a career move. Truth is, many companies make claims that don’t exactly reflect reality. This makes it challenging for ambitious job seekers to know when to apply — and when to keep looking.

As an industry-leading content marketing agency, we’re in the communications business. That's why we’re putting what it’s like to work at Influence & Co. into words. We want you to have an accurate picture of the employee experience at our organization.

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Working at the Crossroads of Personal and Professional Growth

A natural place to start this conversation is by talking about the vibrant culture we’ve worked hard to create and intentionally foster every day. A good way to understand our company culture is to examine our core values:

1. Treat others with respect.

We all want to be accepted for who we are. Most of us, however, don't feel comfortable being our vulnerable, unapologetic selves if we don't trust our team members or members of leadership. Treating others with respect builds trust. And building a trusting community (also a core value) is key to fostering an environment that's productive, innovative, and safe(r). Of course, no place can be 100% safe, but we can make it safer through our individual and collective actions, like respecting one another, regardless of our differences.

2. Build a trusting community where everyone belongs.

We fully acknowledge the lack of diversity within our industry and our organization. We strongly believe that building a trusting community where everyone belongs is essential for Influence & Co. to be able to make progress toward the goal of becoming a safer, more diverse, and equitable organization and building a community our team members truly want to be a part of.

3. Create an autonomous yet supportive environment.

We provide every team member with the tools and resources to do their job to the best of their ability and in a way that meets their needs as a unique individual. Our team members are empowered to make decisions within our guiding principles that provide the highest-quality service to our clients.

4. Evolve to deliver more value.

We tend to attract trailblazers, and trailblazers thrive on staying ahead of the curve. Backed by a culture of respect, support, and autonomy, our team members can become leaders of the content marketing space and provide the utmost value to our clients and team.

People-First: More Than a Mantra

We are a vision-focused group, so every decision we make is tested against our vision statement:

We can be a company that is financially healthy because we put our people first and deliver measurable results that fuel clients' business growth.

We’re not shy about admitting that a major goal for our company is to remain financially healthy. It's key to our ability to invest in, and care for, our people who give their time, talents, and passion day in and day out.

Unfortunately, though, burnout is a national crisis. Make no mistake: We do work hard. But at Influence & Co., we don’t want anyone on the team to struggle in silence or feel unsupported when they need to take a break or get some help. That's why we continually update our mental health policy.

Our mental health policy is designed to break stigmas associated with mental illness at work. It communicates our commitment to offer accommodations to help individuals perform the necessary and essential functions of their role, as well as prohibit employee and job applicant discrimination. At Influence & Co., it’s not unusual for employees at all levels — including executive team members — to talk openly about needing and taking mental health days.

In addition to working hard to provide a healthy working atmosphere, we are also devoted to helping people develop their professional and personal skill sets. When you work at Influence & Co., you get access to a budget you can spend on expenses that support your professional and personal development, mental and physical well-being, remote office setup, and more. You also get the chance to partake in Professional Development Days four times a year. Plus, every employee can set out on a senior promotion path upon reaching their two-year workiversary.

A Truly Equal Opportunity Employer

Diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) can feel more symbolic and performative than literal at some organizations. To make certain our commitment to DEIA is as tangible as possible, we hired a consultant to guide us through the process of identifying and closing DEIA gaps. As a result, we made a few changes.

One change was forming hiring committees for open roles rather than assigning one hiring manager. Another was honoring the top five religions celebrated in the U.S. on the company’s holiday calendar. We removed all gendered language from our corporate literature. We also rolled out a code of conduct for everyone to sign, including vendors. Additionally, we set up a feedback model that gives employees the framework, tools, and support to call in colleagues, clients, and vendors when any lines are crossed and feedback is needed.

We’re still learning how to foster the most inclusive remote company culture. But we’re proud of the strides we’ve made, particularly because the content marketing world has historically been fraught with both conscious and unconscious bias.

Accessible and Fair Leaders Who Aim for Transparency

Forget about ivory towers. The leaders who work at Influence & Co. are always accessible. In fact, they host quarterly “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) all-team meetings. These AMA conversations let employees get answers to their most pressing questions. Additionally, they’re a terrific way for leaders to update everyone on what’s happening at the company and in the broader industry.

In terms of fairness, our leadership team has put together a robust compensation and benefits package. Employees are encouraged to volunteer together during work hours so they can contribute to the causes they care about most. Full-time employees are expected to take a minimum of 15 days of paid time off annually, and all employees, including part-time employees and interns, receive 21 paid holidays. Oh, and full-timers who become parents can take advantage of a generous 12-week paid parental leave and return-to-work program.

Is Influence & Co. the Right Fit for You?

Hopefully you have a better picture of what it's like to work at Influence & Co. But if you're still not quite sure, consider this comment from a current employee:

"Influence & Co.'s biggest strength is the people who work here. Every day, I can have meaningful conversations with my co-workers, whether they're about the content we're creating, how we collaborate, or what's happening outside of work. Everyone truly cares about and respects who they work with here, and you can see it in our daily interactions. You’ll see co-workers alongside managers encouraging a life-work balance for their colleagues, and they’ll both celebrate the time you take for yourself and genuinely offer their support when things get busy. I’m proud to work for a company where this level of teamwork is baked into our culture."

In other words, this really is a great place to work.

Want to work here, too? Learn more about our company and apply for your dream job today!

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