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The ABCs of Content Marketing

By Martina Stricak

ABCs-of-Content-Marketing.jpgWhen you work in online marketing, youre bound to hear the classic saying Content is king.You might even be irritated by how often youve heard it, and if you are, no one would blame you. Still, as overused as it might be, this saying is about as true as it was the first time you heard it. The only difference is that today, it should probably be High-quality content is king.

That’s because people and search engines are asking for a lot more than just a large volume of content; we’re all looking for engaging, high-level information. And in these times of viral content, marketers need to produce high-quality content that has staying power.

Now, you dont need to reinvent the wheel to produce that kind of content. As marketers, we must work smarter, not necessarily harder, to achieve results — which is why a refresher course on the content marketing alphabet could be just what you need.

Of course, an alphabet is a foundation for putting together words and sentences, connecting them in larger pieces of text that all make sense and work together. This is what should be done in content marketing as well: Connect a few basic methods and tactics within projects and campaigns that drive your business goals.

Explore the infographic below to get back to basics, produce high-quality content, and achieve results for your company:


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Posted on April 11, 2017

About Martina Stricak

Martina Stricak is a co-founder of the digital agency Point Visible. She is a digital marketing addict with years of experience, who also enjoys graphic design both at work and in her free time. And yes, she loves to travel. A lot :)

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