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Kobe Bryant, Barbara Corcoran, and Jeff Weiner: Just Some of the Speakers at the EY Strategic Growth Forum

Kobe Bryant, Barbara Corcoran, and Jeff Weiner: Just Some of the Speakers at the EY Strategic Growth Forum

EYStrategicGrowthForum.jpgOne of the perks of being awarded the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year award for Best Emerging Company in our region (which is an honor in itself) is the privilege of attending the EY Strategic Growth Forum. This event is exciting because not only does it bring together an impressive group of established leaders, but it also means that my co-founder, Kelsey, and I will be considered for EY Entrepreneur Of The Year.

To say that I'm a little anxious would be an understatement. The application for this award was important for us; to be recognized at the regional level and invited to the national program is a milestone for our company.

In an effort to calm my nerves a bit and prepare for the event, I thought I'd put together a list of some speakers I'm particularly eager to hear at the EY Strategic Growth Forum:

Terry Begley, PNC Bank

Considering Wells Fargo's recent controversy and subsequent PR crisis, I'm curious to hear what other bank leaders have to say and how they're planning to learn from these mistakes. Terry has more than 30 years of experience in the business, and I'm sure he'll have valuable insights and expertise to offer. And who knows? I may learn a little something to help me improve my finances, too.

Jodi L. Berg, Vitamix

I'm sure you've heard of Vitamix, a company that produces high-performance blenders. What you might not know is that this global brand is actually family owned and operated.

Family businesses have always fascinated me. I think it takes a special dedication to work with your family and to take that business to new heights. I'd love to hear from Jodi about her experience working for the family business.

Kobe Bryant, Kobe Inc.

This may be an obvious one for any basketball fan, but Kobe recently started his own media, technology, and data fund. Kobe Inc. focuses on producing content around what drives athletes and how they perfect their processes. These kinds of videos and pieces of digital content are what really get me. I definitely think I'll be able to relate his inspiration behind this project to my own business.

Barbara Corcoran, 'Shark Tank'

I love "Shark Tank" and hearing the stories from our clients who've been on the show themselves. I'm sure hearing Barbara speak will be just as enjoyable. I've always been interested in the stories of people who came from very humble beginnings and have managed to pave a way for themselves and turn their lives around, and I anticipate learning a lot from Barbara about how hard work and effort can change your life.

Kevin Delaney, Quartz

We work with more than 1,000 publications to publish content for our clients and our own thought leaders, and Quartz is one of them. I'm looking forward to hearing from Kevin about his predictions for the world of online publications and digital content. As the publication's editor in chief, he's sure to have a unique perspective on what the landscape will look like in the future.

Jeff Weiner, LinkedIn

Catching Jeff speak will be a big one for me. We use LinkedIn every day, and we're constantly trying to optimize the platform's features so we can make our content distribution as strategic and powerful as possible. I'm hoping Jeff will touch on the future of the platform and the features they plan to roll out so we can continue making the most of publishing on LinkedIn.

If you aren't attending the event, make sure you look into some of the content these speakers have produced; I'm sure you'll learn a thing or two. By the time you finish reading this, our fate at the forum could very well already be determined, but do me a favor and wish us luck anyway.

After checking out these speakers' content, get started on your own! Follow our 4-step guide and start creating exceptional content ASAP! 

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