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Expert in One of These 5 Industries? It’s Time to Contribute Content

Expert in One of These 5 Industries? It’s Time to Contribute Content

Industries-Need-Content-Blog-2.jpgJust like news outlets want to be the first to report on a major story, thought leaders across all industries want to be the first to share their ideas, insights, and innovations with their audiences.

For those in the entrepreneurship, business, marketing, and technology fields, contributions may seem to come a little easier. By nature, those industries tend to move faster, and trends take shape every day, giving thought leaders plenty of chances to contribute new and fresh ideas to the conversation.

But while the internet may have given broader, more general publications a boost in content, it has also given smaller niche audiences the platforms to access, discuss, and debate ideas in their own spaces.

How Experts in These Industries Can Start Contributing Content

We’re still seeing a saturation of content in certain industries over others. But that simply means there’s more opportunity for experts in the following industries to contribute guest content to online publications in their industries. I asked my fellow publication strategists who specialize in each industry to share their insights about how experts within these industries can get started:

1. Human Resources and Recruitment

Publication strategist: Meagan Nolte (Me!)

A lot of business-related content is targeted to C-suite executives, but it’s a mistake to discount the sway that HR, recruiting, and talent-management professionals have within their companies.

With the rise of company culture and recruiting technology as hot topics, it’s growing even more important for HR experts to lead this dialogue. Plus, job seekers increasingly take company culture into consideration: When they find content leaders and employees have written about a company’s culture, it can make or break their decisions to apply for or accept jobs.

Now is the time to create and distribute content that educates your HR peers on trends in company culture and technology and that enables your team to recruit new employees.

How to get started: TalentCulture hosts a weekly podcast and #WorkTrends Twitter chat every Wednesday, and ERE Media has a list of upcoming webinars available for sign-ups. By tuning into content like this, you can keep a pulse on what others are doing in your space — and find ways to differentiate your own team.

2. Supply Chain and Manufacturing

Publication strategist: Meagan Nolte (Still me!)

Technology is revolutionizing how our manufacturing companies and supply chains operate day-to-day. Experts in this field need to share their best practices, as well as their individual takes on this new technology and its consequences versus its benefits.

However, with talk of a talent shortage in both of these industries, experts need do to more than share trendy ideas to keep the industry alive; they must educate others and recruit talent — both of which can be achieved through content.

How to get started: Tune in to Supply & Demand Chain’s executive webinars, or make a trip to the IndustryWeek Manufacturing & Technology Conference & Expo. Attending industry events will connect you to others in your industry who can help you generate and refine content ideas.

3. Insurance

Publication strategist: Emma Bentley

With the recent change in presidential administration, the insurance industry is likely to undergo a few transitions in the coming years. Insurance agents and firms will be looking for guidance to navigate the changes and advice to best move forward.

While the idea of innovation in insurance is buzzing right now, this industry is notorious for being slow to adopt new technology and use new tactics to bring in clients. Experts in this space can fill that gap by stepping up and sharing their innovative ideas.

How to get started: Join industry-specific LinkedIn groups and directories like Innovator’s Edge, or register for an up-and-coming conference like InsureTech Connect 2017.

4. Consulting

Publication strategist: Melanie Janisse

Consultants are experts in particular fields or areas of expertise, and that makes thought leadership a natural strategy: Consultants can create thought leadership content for niche publications in their specific fields, as well as for broader consulting publications.

In a competitive market, a consultant must make it clear why she is the best to give consultations in her field. When she has a portfolio of published content to back up her knowledge, expertise, and leadership, her potential customers will feel much more confident about what she can offer them.

How to get started: Attend a webinar or conference hosted by Consulting Magazine, or dive right in by creating content and pitching an editor at your target publication — whether that’s Consulting Magazine itself or a general business publication that covers consulting.

5. Healthcare

Publication strategist: Daniel Trivinos 

From the “repeal” and replacement of the Affordable Care Act to MACRA’s first performance year and everything between, plenty of topics are ripe for healthcare industry thought leaders to opine about and explain to the public.

How to get started: Get social. Audiences have yet to see doctors affiliated with healthcare systems or researchers developing their own brands and engaging audiences through social media. In addition to interacting with followers, commenters, or community members, these social-savvy hospitals or healthcare systems can use their platforms to offer content that helps educate people who are researching their facilities or learning more about certain practice areas.

It may seem like content is everywhere, but these five industries prove that it hasn’t saturated every online publication — and that gives you an incredible opportunity. If you’re an expert in one of these industries, there has never been a better time to create and publish thought leadership content.

For more insights to get yourself published in the online publications you’re targeting, check out "The State of Digital Media" report:


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About Meagan Martin

Meagan Martin (they/them) is a senior publication strategist and the knowledge management coordinator at Intero Digital's Content & PR Division. Follow them on Twitter @MeaganNolte.


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