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4 Examples of Great Construction Tech Content Marketing

4 Examples of Great Construction Tech Content Marketing

The construction industry is susceptible to economic ebbs and flows, so it's only natural that many companies in the industry have begun to focus on creating a consistent brand image to stay top of mind among customers — even during economic downturns.


In fact, 93% of construction companies that responded to a Construction Marketing Association survey said they were allocating more funds for marketing. For construction tech companies looking to future-proof their marketing and forge relationships with their audiences, content marketing can help.


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Looking for some inspiration? Here are four examples of content marketing in the construction technology industry:


1. Leica Geosystems


Leica Geosystems is a global company that provides instruments, software, and services to meet the needs of professionals in a number of industries, including aerospace, security, manufacturing, and construction.


One way that it goes about meeting those professionals' needs is through "Reporter," a customer magazine that "focuses on customers using our solutions to overcome the daily challenges of our complex world." There are 87 editions of the online magazine, plus a special construction edition.




Covering a plethora of topics including project efficiency, digital transformation, and smart data, Leica Geosystems' customer magazine is a great example of a construction technology company using content marketing to provide customers with high-quality insights and keep them engaged with the company.


But providing this educational information doesn't just help companies engage existing customers; it also shows potential customers that the company's assistance doesn't stop with the services it sells. Leica Geosystems' digital customer magazine shows potential new business that the company comes alongside customers and takes the next step of forging a partnership by continually providing helpful, relevant insights.


2. eSUB


If a blog sounds more up your alley than a magazine, eSUB is an example of a construction software company publishing regular blog content on its site. eSUB's blog covers a range of construction-related topics to educate its audience: electrical, mechanical, drywall, steel and concrete, and specialty.




ESUB keeps its blog up-to-date with actionable insights for its construction-minded audience. By providing engaging content on its blog, eSUB is positioning itself as an expert in the construction technology industry and shows its audience that eSUB is a helpful resource — and could, by extension, be a helpful partner to work with.


Publishing regular content on your blog can also improve SEO. When you create valuable content that naturally includes keywords your target audience might be searching for, you increase the likelihood that those people will find you in search results.


Need help planning your blog content? Download your free customizable content map to plan out your content and visualize how it will all work together.


3. myComply


Another approach to building out your website with helpful content is a resource center. MyComply, a compliance data and labor analytics company, provides a plethora of helpful content in the resource center on its website. The training materials and informational content is divided into eight sections, each of which contains videos, written resources, and FAQs.




When you're creating a variety of types of content for your website, an important thing to remember is organization. If your content isn't organized well, your audience will have a hard time finding the content they're looking for. And that negative user experience can lead to visitors bouncing from your site out of frustration. Organize your resource center content by topic or type, and if you can, include a search bar to make finding what they're looking for easier for your visitors.


4. ALICE Technologies


While written content is a core component of a successful strategy, content marketing isn't limited to text-based approaches. That's why ALICE Technologies, an artificial intelligence platform for construction engineering, has tapped into video to communicate its core offerings.


ALICE Technologies Video


Upon landing on the ALICE Technologies homepage, visitors see a video that explains what the company's all about and what services it offers. The video includes a mix of text, animations, and images to give viewers a more complete picture of what potential customers can expect should they decide to work with ALICE Technologies.


Video content doesn't have to be a big production or overly complex. But if you find that you could use a hand creating effective video content for your content marketing strategy, there are companies you can team up with.


Content marketing can be a powerful tool. Take a page from these four construction tech brands to engage your audience and work toward your business goals.


Are you looking for more in-depth insights on how your construction tech business can use content marketing to see tangible results? Download your free guide today!


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