Are Your Headlines Making Promises You Can’t Keep?

December 18, 2014, by Sarah Morris


In the overloaded online world, a headline is the first — and likely last — thing your audience will read. With only six words to make your case for an article, writers and editors are under a lot of pressure to construct a title that’s informative, tempting, and reader-friendly.

Why Click Bait Is a Shallow Tactic for Brands

December 16, 2014, by Maya Luke


Getting consumers to engage with your content is more of a fantasy than a reality for many brands. And to get ahead of the game, more are defaulting to shady click-bait tactics to earn that first click. 

The Pain-Free Guide to Writing More Efficiently

December 11, 2014, by Jennifer Rodriguez


When you’re spending several hours on a post and only getting two pages out of it, you might start wondering whether the final product was worth the time spent. It likely was — but you can do the same work in less time.

What I’m Reading This Week, Vol. 7

December 9, 2014, by Mark Hodges


Being a reader who works in the content marketing industry is kind of like being a shipbuilder who goes on cruises all the time. It’s tough to stop thinking about the inner workings, even when you’re off the clock.

153 Editors Have Spoken: Publishing Insights You Need to Know

December 4, 2014, by Maya Luke


The online publishing world is expanding — and for obvious reasons. Individuals and brands want new verticals for engaging with their audiences (while getting an algorithm boost along the way), and editors constantly need compelling content to fill the 24-hour news cycle.

4 Grade School Grammar Rules That Turned Out to Be Bogus

December 2, 2014, by Diane Kielhofner


As a business leader, you want to sound smart. But when something as small as a misplaced comma can distort your meaning and weaken your credibility, grammar rules become a lot more important.

8 Problems Editors Have With Your Content

November 25, 2014, by Melanie Janisse


October was a record-breaking publishing month for our team, with more than 200 thought leadership articles published on reputable online sites. We’ve worked diligently to build relationships with hundreds of publication editors to secure bylines for our clients and ourselves each month. But through this process, we’ve also learned about rejection the hard way.

The Power of a Lasting Legacy

November 20, 2014, by Nancy Baumann


Many company leaders enjoy fruitful careers that impact their colleagues and customers in ways that change their lives and transform their businesses. They invest in others and witness the resulting growth. That legacy is strong, yet it’s limited to those they can personally touch.

Top 53 Blogs Every Content Marketer Should Follow

November 18, 2014, by Brittany Dowell


Staying on top of content marketing trends and news in this ever-changing industry can be difficult. But for marketers and business leaders wanting to improve (or launch) their content marketing efforts, this information is incredibly valuable.

LinkedIn Publishing Insight 2: What I Learned From My Best-Performing Articles

November 13, 2014, by Kelsey Meyer


Last week, I revealed a common theme among my worst-performing LinkedIn articles: The titles and the content talked down to readers. This week, I looked for correlations among the articles that received the most shares. 

Of the 35 articles I’ve published on LinkedIn’s publishing platform, three received more than 10,000 views — with the next closest receiving just over 3,000. The three best-performing articles include:

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