There’s More Than One Way to Become a Thought Leader

September 16, 2014, by Kelsey Meyer

Publishing thought leadership content can increase credibility for your brand.

Nothing starts my morning off right like listening to a podcast on the drive to work. Tuning into the latest episode of NPR’s “Intelligence Squared U.S.” (my personal favorite) gets my intellectual juices flowing before I’ve even reached the office. And if I’m lucky, I squeeze another episode or two in during the workday, in between meetings or on my way to lunch.

What I’m Reading This Week

September 11, 2014, by Kelsey Meyer

Reading and exposing yourself to a variety of topics is essential to inspiring and informing your content creation process.

This article is part of a new series the Influence & Co. team is launching titled, “What I’m Reading This Week,” which consists of bite-sized posts that highlight what our team is reading, watching, and listening to every week along with a short synopsis and honest feedback. 

Quiz: What Type of Writer Are You? (And How to Make It Work for Your Content)

September 9, 2014, by Tarah Benner

Knowing your writing style can be beneficial to your content.

If you’re reading this article, you’re already a content ninja.

The Sunk Cost Fallacy and Why Marketers Are Getting Duped

September 4, 2014, by Maya Szydlowski


Have you ever bought tickets to a movie and endured the terrible plot and poor acting because you didn’t want the money you paid to go to waste?

Don’t Underestimate the Value of Trust

August 28, 2014, by Kelsey Meyer

Don't underestimate the power of trust. Create credible and engaging content.

People do business with companies they trust. twitter_blue This idea is the backbone of the PR industry, and it also has major implications in content marketing. 

It’s Not You, It’s Your Writing: How Experienced Writers Can Revive Your Content

August 26, 2014, by Kyle Kelley


You might have the insights and knowledge to conquer the world. But if you’re nursing your fifth cup of coffee and staring blankly at the wall while trying to piece your thoughts together on paper, you could probably use some help. 

The Ultimate Guide to Running an In-House Editorial Team

August 21, 2014, by Brittany Dowell

Create consistent style guidelines for your in-house editorial team, and your content will stand out from the rest.

If you’re fortunate enough to have an in-house editorial team polish your content and save you from embarrassing (and potentially credibility-weakening) errors, your content comes even closer to achieving its purpose of positioning you as a reputable thought leader.

Don’t Hire a Content Firm Unless You’ve Asked These Questions

August 19, 2014, by Kelsey Meyer


You’ve realized that building trust, engaging with your target audience, and attracting more qualified leads is important to your company. You’ve done a content audit and decided that it makes sense to outsource your content marketing needs to a specialized firm. Great decision! Now comes the difficult part: choosing the firm that’s right for you.

Why a Bad PR Experience Shouldn’t Deter You From Pursuing Content Marketing

August 14, 2014, by Cherish Grimm


I hear it all the time: “We’ve already worked with a PR firm, and we’ll never do that again.”

The Ingredients You Need to Develop Content for Your Buyer Personas

August 12, 2014, by Liz O'Neill


Every year, buyers are becoming more self-reliant. They’re looking online for answers to the questions they have, research on the things they need, and solutions to the problems they face — and they’re doing it without any outside help. If businesses aren’t providing content around these topics, they’re not going to engage prospects, convert leads, or drive revenue — period. 

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