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The 3 Roles You Need to Fuel a High-Powered Content Team

The 3 Roles You Need to Fuel a High-Powered Content Team

fuel.pngAs you enter the new year with new goals, new resources, and exciting new content marketing initiatives, ensuring you have the team to effectively make that happen is going to be crucial.

We often see companies try to nominate one person on their marketing team to create, edit, publish, and distribute content. While this certainly saves short-term costs, it’s undeniably going to hinder success.

Given that Influence & Co. is a content marketing agency, we have an entire team that’s devoted to every aspect of content — from creation and strategy to editorial to publication relationships — but we understand that’s not feasible for every business. In fact, we’ve divvied up these departments into smaller teams: three people with complementary skill sets who work together on a set of client accounts.

This video explains the MVPs you need for a high-powered all-star content team: 

Here’s a brief summary of the three most important individuals I talk about in the video above:

  • Content Strategist: This is the project manager and writer extraordinaire. This individual will be the brains behind content creation and operations who will perform industry research and put together the necessary elements to create an exceptional piece of content.

  • Editor: This person is the grammar police that will keep watch and make sure each and every piece of content your team publishes — whether it’s in the form of thought leadership guest content, blog content, marketing materials, webinars, etc. — is error-free. While this person may be seen as an added bonus, maintaining high-quality caliber for all your content pieces will be what sets you apart and drives business goals in the long run.

  • Distribution Specialist: As the driver of your content efforts, the distributor will be responsible for getting your high-quality content in front of your target audience. You set goals for your content for a reason — and this person will help drive engagement and deliver the ROI you’re looking for. (To help you organize your distribution, download this customizable content promotion template.)

As you can see, content isn’t a one-woman show, and it’s nearly impossible to churn out content efficiently while effectively achieving your goals. So as you set budgets for the new year, ensure your team is equipped with this trio of individuals — whether they’re in-house or outsourced — and set out for content greatness. 

To discover how your content efforts affects can help your sales department, download the free guide below: 

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