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How We Approach Content Marketing

How We Approach Content Marketing

how-ico-does-content-marketing-new_720.jpgI’ve started watching a YouTube channel called "Binging With Babish." It's hosted by a guy who recreates the "iconic and obscure foods from your favorite movies and TV shows."

His combination of food and my favorite TV shows immediately got my attention (obviously), and I'm not the only one — he's amassed nearly a million followers. That's because he's able to show viewers a behind-the-scenes look at exactly how something so popular can be done well.

It’s not enough for audiences to just see that something works; it's also important to see how — whether that’s Kevin's famous chili from "The Office," Chris Traeger's masterpiece of a turkey burger in “Parks & Recreation,” or how one of the top companies dominating content marketing actually does content. 

That's why we just published a comprehensive case study that shares the details of why and how we use content marketing.

Content marketing is popular, and we've seen incredible results from our efforts: tens of thousands of leads generated; millions of dollars in revenue nurtured and closed; industry awards, press, and speaking opportunities earned; and thought leadership established. In this case study, we share exactly how we're using content marketing to accomplish these and other company goals.

Check out "A Behind-the-Scenes Look at How We Do Content Marketing" for an in-depth look:


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About Nickie Bartels

I love cloudy days, office supplies, and rewatching the same sitcoms I've already seen a dozen times. When I'm not looking for ways to elevate content, I'm looking for opportunities to tell stories about my dog.


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