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[QUIZ] Do You Have What It Takes to Become Top of Mind?

By Natalie Slyman

Stay-Top-Of-Mind-Quiz-1.jpgWhen members of your key audience experience a problem, identify a need, or have the opportunity to become a brand advocate, are you the first person they think of?

Figuring out how to become that go-to person isnt a walk in the park. With so many resources and other companies out there competing for that top-of-mind position, your window of opportunity to become the first person your audience thinks of only gets smaller over time.

Understanding the ins and outs of becoming top of mind with those who matter most to you requires a lot of insider knowledge — preferably from someone who has been there and knows exactly what it takes.

In his new business book, Top of Mind,John Hall shares the tried-and-true insider knowledge hes gained on his own journey from unknown to industry influencer.

Take the quiz below to test how well you understand the fundamentals of what it takes to become (and stay) top of mind with those who matter most in your life.

Posted on May 19, 2017

About Natalie Slyman

I absolutely love meeting new people, and my drink of choice is champagne (I'm fancy). I prefer to spend my days outside, riding my bike or catching up on my favorite blogs. I enjoy telling stories about my cat, even though no one is listening.

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