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Why You Need to Start Utilizing Your Best Sales Reps: Current Clients

Why You Need to Start Utilizing Your Best Sales Reps: Current Clients

flower_1The Content Marketing Institute just released its “State of Content Marketing 2015,” and it addresses a key point: Too many enterprise companies suffer from poor thinking. CMI stresses the need to separate your content team from other departments because its KPIs differ — or should differ — from others’. However, the report does encourage your content creators to think like other departments.

According to the report, “A great content team must have the ability to go beyond marketing and possess a distinct point of view. The minute the team strays from its point of view because of corporate blowback, the content turns into just ‘more marketing’ rather than great content.” 

Specifically, your content team needs to think like your sales department. Thanks to regular interactions and continuous engagement, sales representatives are experts at nurturing relationships with clients — structure your content in a similar fashion.

So how can you shift your line of thinking?

Focus on tapping into your current client base and further impressing this network of brand advocates. After all, you’ve already established trusting relationships with them, so you can save time while quickly boosting sales.

Your Underutilized Sales Reps: Current Customers 

As a leading executive, your main KPI is ultimately sales growth. That said, wouldn’t it be equally — if not more — beneficial for your current customers to do some of the legwork for you?   

Brands are missing big opportunities by not utilizing the brand advocates (i.e., current clients) who already exist in their networks.

With thoughtful, engaging, and properly placed content, you can attract and close clients who, in the long run, are going to be:

  • Better educated. Publishing accessible content for prospects and current customers adds value and education. Using various content outlets and platforms — such as guest-contributed content, newsletters, webinars, video, podcasts, etc. — will continually impress your clients. Showcasing that you’re on top of trends and publishing content on pertinent industry topics will go a long way. For a look at how we generated 100+ leads from an article published on LinkedIncheck out this free resource.
  • More trusting of your services. As I previously mentioned, the more you educate your current customers, the more they’ll trust your company. That way, when the end of the year looms and budgets are being evaluated, you’ve positioned your service as a solid asset — a status that will help your case when renewing a contract. 
  • More opportune for upsell. By continuing to position your company as a knowledge resource in the industry, you’re proving expertise to your clients. That way, when an opportunity arises to upsell a client who would benefit from new products, services, premium strategies, etc., the client will trust your company’s advice. The client’s experience with your service, reputation, and online presence all contribute to faith in your suggestions.
  • The ultimate referral source. Not only does continual engagement of your clients keep them on longer, but it also keeps them more inclined to recommend your services to their network. Our team deeply values referrals. Some of our largest and most valuable clients have come from them. When we’re achieving our clients’ goals, we’re simultaneously improving their experience.

It’s now your turn to boost your company’s referrals. Here’s how: 

  • A one-pager of service offerings: Think about initial stages with a specific client: Was it an easy sell, or did it require more nurturing to build trust? Create valuable resources your clients can use if someone in their network asks about their content; it can speed up the referral process and take the work off the client.

Our team created a one-pager for clients to utilize that provides their contacts with a snapshot of exactly what we do and how we do it. It also includes contact information for an Influence & Co. team member. That way, clients know exactly who to get in touch with.

  • A bank of valuable resources: If a client is talking up your business to a friend and ends up piquing the friend’s interest, chances are that friend will search for your company, peruse your website, and read your blog. We created a resource library for our exclusive whitepapers, e-books, templates, and case studies that prospects can explore to discover the value we provide for our audience. 
  • A client email campaign: It’s likely you already have an email drip campaign to engage prospects, but do you have one for your most valuable brand advocates? By creating a custom email campaign or newsletter that provides exclusive content, offers, or company updates for your current clients, you can continue to impress and delight. That way, when a referral opportunity arises, yours is the first company they think of.

Attracting new leads is critical for any business, but continually engaging your current customers could result in future business opportunities. Your customers are your best assets; they can be your best salespeople, too, if you continue impressing them with your innovation and expertise.New Call-to-action

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