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The ROI of a Long-Term Content Marketing Strategy

The ROI of a Long-Term Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is a strategy best served over the long term. A long-term strategy brings together many elements associated with a higher success rate: consistency, investment, and experimentation, to name a few. To achieve the best possible content marketing ROI, you will need a commitment to developing the value of content marketing over time.

To show you what we mean, we’ve lined up a few case studies. These companies have navigated their way to impressive content marketing ROI by executing on a long-term content marketing strategy.


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Innovative Employee Solutions (IES)



Innovative Employee Solutions (IES) is a leading provider of remote and contingent workforce solutions, specializing in global employer of record, agent of record, and independent contractor compliance services in 150+ countries. IES's mission is to provide companies with flexible, consultative, and technology-driven solutions for engaging the evolving workforce.

How long has IES worked with us?

IES has been working with us since January 2017.

What was the original goal?

Through an initial package of 22 guest-contributed articles and 22 blog posts per year, IES's primary goal for our partnership was to help position IES as a subject matter expert and industry leader while educating HR professionals, business owners, and leaders on the contingent workforce.

What's changed?

IES has grown and has, in turn, evolved its package to include SEO pillar blog posts, press mentions, whitepapers, and analytics and SEO reports. This ecosystem of content has helped the company not only build thought leadership, but also generate leads.

What are the results?

IES has seen big wins in organic search rankings.

What’s the Difference Between W-2, 1099, and Corp-to-Corp Workers?” was published in 2019. Fast-forward to 2023, and this blog post has recorded more than 90,000 page views and boasts a 5.5-minute average amount of time spent on the page. Plus, this blog post is ranking for 490 keywords.

“7 Things to Include in Every Employment Offer Letter” was published in 2021. As of June 2023, this blog post has recorded 48,000 page views and also averages over 5.5 minutes spent on the page. It's ranking for 375 keywords.

We've also expanded IES's press coverage throughout our time working together. IES's journalist interviews and appearances on podcast episodes have reached niche publications, such as Recruiting Daily, and household name publications, such as Forbes. These efforts have also resulted in requests for guest-contributed articles from the IES team, furthering the company's reach, influence, and thought leadership.




RAPP is a global creative marketing agency that puts the individual at the heart of everything it does. RAPP uses data to discover what makes people tick; technology to talk to them one-to-one (but to one million at a time); and creativity to encourage people to engage, click, buy, and bond.

How long has RAPP worked with us?

RAPP has been working with us since April 2016.

What was the original goal?

RAPP wanted help building its thought leadership — to grow a name for itself as a subject matter expert through a mix of guest-contributed articles, blog posts, whitepapers, and press mentions.

What are the results?

RAPP’s goal to be a trusted voice in the world of creative marketing continues today. The team is well aware of the importance of content in digital marketing, and the company has continued to be forward-thinking in its approach to controversial topics and bold statements. RAPP has grown into a master of its craft, willing to dive into topics others might be hesitant to broach.

Throughout our partnership, RAPP has used content to position itself as a DEI pacesetter in the marketing and advertising industry. Over time, the impact of its content marketing has distilled and evolved — to the point that its organic traffic over the past two years (2021-2023) is up 236% compared to the two previous years (2019-2021).

RAPP has also achieved many highly visible placements — including Ad Age, Adweek, Campaign, Entrepreneur, and The Wall Street Journal — heightening its thought leadership and credibility in the market.




Occupier is a leading lease tenant solutions provider. Occupier is the only lease management software that enables both tenants and brokers to collaborate on the entire lease life cycle.

How long has Occupier worked with us? 

Occupier has been working with us since June 2020.

What was the original goal? 

Occupier’s goals initially focused on lead generation and brand awareness so the company could highlight its new lease accounting product. The initial package included landing page copy, blog posts, pillar blog posts, whitepapers, email drip campaigns, email outreach campaigns, SEO guest-contributed content, and press mentions.

What's changed? 

As Occupier's platform has become more established, we've refined the content mix to focus on press mentions, SEO guest-contributed articles, blog posts, pillar blog posts, and keyword research.We continue to focus on lead generation and creating content that attracts and educates prospects on Occupier’s expertise, but we're also focusing on a brand awareness strategy that can shift within the greater commercial real estate technology conversation and enlighten people about the future of real estate. 

What are the results?

The work that has led to Occupier's success has been a collaborative effort. Expert content coupled with Occupier's dedication to maximizing that content has led to some impressive results.

Occupier's organic traffic has skyrocketed. The company has seen a 2,641.4% increase in organic traffic from 2020 to 2023, and organic is now Occupier's top driver of traffic to the website. The company has also seen a 6,209.62% increase in keyword rankings in that time frame. And just within the past year, the domain authority of Occupier's site has increased from 25 in 2022 to 32 in 2023.

The impact of content can be massive, even transformative, for brands that invest their time, effort, and finances into a long-term content marketing strategy. If you'd like to get started on your content marketing journey and chat about what success could look like for your unique business, get in touch! We'd love to brainstorm with you.

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