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[INFOGRAPHIC] How to Engage Your Audience With IDEA Communication

By Natalie Slyman

IDEA-Infographic-Blog-Header.jpgIt isn't uncommon to come across blatant promotion as you peruse the interwebs. In fact, it's pretty darn common. With so much content that crosses the too-promotional line, in addition to classic pop-ups, banner ads, and autoplay commercials, you might even think that sort of communication is the norm.

Your audience expects more from you, and the madness has got to stop.

Now more than ever, your audience is counting on you to deliver creative, high-quality content that cuts through all other promotional noise. Like Jon Snow's dedication to the Night's Watch, your commitment to high-quality content makes you a shield that guards the realms of men (from bad content and sales pitches in disguise).

Now, I don't know that I'd say promotional content is quite as threatening as White Walkers — but it's still something that needs to be fought against. To help, it's important to remember IDEA communication, a simple term coined by our CEO, John Hall, as a way to engage audiences with content.

Check out the infographic below to learn more about IDEA communication and how it can help you avoid promotion and engage your audience.


Need more tips on how to create high quality contnet that your audience will want to read? Download our 4-step guide below: 

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Posted on May 2, 2017

About Natalie Slyman

I absolutely love meeting new people, and my drink of choice is champagne (I'm fancy). I prefer to spend my days outside, riding my bike or catching up on my favorite blogs. I enjoy telling stories about my cat, even though no one is listening.

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