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Influence & Co. Is Now Intero Digital Content & PR Division

Influence & Co. Is Now Intero Digital Content & PR Division

I’m thrilled to announce that Influence & Co. is now officially Intero Digital Content & PR Division!

Since 2011, Influence & Co. has been a trusted partner for companies that use content marketing to achieve business growth. As a results-driven agency, Influence & Co. has helped numerous companies and individuals use content to establish thought leadership, streamline and enhance the sales process, improve SEO, and generate leads — all thanks to our expert team and relationships with reputable, well-known online publications.

When we first started the company, our name was actually Digital Talent Agents, but we quickly realized this name did not reflect the value we provided clients. So about 18 months in, we changed our name to Influence & Co. to better reflect that our thought leadership services helped clients build their influence.

But over the past decade, our company has evolved to meet a broader range of marketing needs for clients of all sizes. The strategic move to officially adopt the Intero Digital name and brand, after joining the digital marketing agency in February 2022, enables us to offer the same client experience our customers know and love — all while expanding their access to a full suite of comprehensive digital marketing services.

Some of the digital marketing services our clients can now tap into include the following:

  • Amazon advertising and optimization

  • B2B lead generation

  • Branding

  • Content marketing

  • Conversion rate optimization

  • Email marketing

  • Graphic design

  • Influencer marketing

  • Link building

  • Media relations (PR)

  • Sales enablement

  • Paid media

  • SEO

  • Social media management

  • Video creation and optimization

  • Website design and development

  • And more!

It feels really good to officially have a name that reflects the entire suite of services we now provide to clients ("Intero" means "entire" in Italian) and to finally be under one name with the other incredible divisions of Intero Digital.

We also know that the name of the company is not what makes us who we are as an organization; it's the people who work tirelessly for our clients, challenge one another to learn and grow, and deliver results that fuel our clients' business growth. Thank you to all of our employees, especially those who have been with us through each iteration of the company. Whether we're DTA, ICo. or Intero, our people are the reason we are successful for our clients.

Ready to celebrate our name unveiling? Me, too. Drop us a line to let us know which of our new services you’re most excited about or to learn more! No matter where you are on your company’s growth continuum, we can assist you with all the digital marketing services you need to exceed your goals.

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Kelsey is the COO of Intero Digital.


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