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Going to INBOUND 2017? Don’t Miss This Session

Going to INBOUND 2017? Don’t Miss This Session

inbound-1.pngOur marketing team members pretty much consider themselves regulars when it comes to HubSpots annual marketing conference, INBOUND. This year marks our fourth year in attendance, and we arent afraid to share what we’ve learned at INBOUND in the past, nor are we strangers to trotting around Boston, eating oysters, and pretending were locals.

But this year marks a first for us. One of our own will be hosting a session. Hint: It’s yours truly.



I am really excited about this opportunity and can’t wait to dive into my session, “How to Use Content as a Tool for Each Department of Your Business.

Clearly, as the leader of a content marketing agency, Im passionate about content. What Im even more passionate about, though, is making sure that content is used to its fullest. Content benefits more than your marketing efforts; it can (and should) be used by each and every department within your organization.

In this session, I’ll share how you can create and utilize content for departments like:

  • Marketing (obviously).
  • Sales.
  • Human resources.
  • Account management.

Plus, I’ll offer examples of how Influence & Co. uses content to achieve its goals. We believe your content should actually work for you and your goals, and I’m excited to share with you my advice for getting it to do just that. If you’ll be in Boston, make sure you attend! I’ll be holding my session on Tuesday, Sept. 26, at 1 p.m. EST.

We hope to see you at INBOUND this year. If youd like to meet up during the conference, just contact us — lets get together.

Picture of Kelsey Raymond

About Kelsey Raymond

Kelsey is the COO of Intero Digital.


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