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4 Examples of Great Finance Content Marketing Strategy

4 Examples of Great Finance Content Marketing

Over the past two years, mobile searches about financial planning, financial literacy, and money management have grown by 70%. This tracks with an overall trend that shows search becoming an increasingly important resource for consumers looking to find solutions for a wide variety of financial concerns.

What’s more, most users don’t have a specific company in mind when they begin to make these kinds of queries. That means even small financial firms have an opportunity to find a big consumer base with the right strategy in place. That strategy requires finance marketers to prioritize creating and publishing content that engages and educates potential customers.

According to a recent study, 96% of major fintech companies produce thought leadership content on a regular basis. Not only does that indicate that content marketing in finance is an effective strategy, but it also emphasizes the importance of doing it right in order to stand out from the crowd.

4 Companies That Excel at Finance Content Marketing

To get a better idea of what a successful content marketing strategy looks like for finance companies, here are four examples of financial companies getting it right.

1. nbkc bank

Nbkc bank covers a range of personal finance topics in the "Learn" section of its website, which is full of bright colors and free of financial jargon. The business works hard to turn what can be a dry, intimidating topic into content that is approachable and even, dare I say, fun.

Take a look at this blog post about working with a mortgage loan officer for an idea of how nbkc approaches the financial planning world. Geared toward people who’ve never bought a home, the article breaks down what loan officers do, the steps in the mortgage loan process, and how homebuyers can make the process smoother — all in easy-to-understand language.

On-site finance content marketing like this has a variety of positive effects: It helps people gain a better understanding of the mortgage process, illustrates that nbkc bank is a knowledgeable and helpful resource, and primes nbkc's audience to be more informed and prepared when they do decide to secure a home loan. It also advertises that nbkc has mortgage loan offerings available via a call to action at the bottom of the article.

2. PayPal

PayPal maintains an active finance content marketing campaign in the form of PayPal Stories. Part of the PayPal Newsroom, these stories are designed to illustrate how PayPal is helping small businesses grow and helping people around the world work toward causes that PayPal supports.

The subjects of these stories run the gamut. Some are global topics, like how the platform is helping to support economic equality for women around the world. Others are more local stories, like how a Los Angeles business is helping residents safely kayak with their dogs using a combination of social distancing, strict sanitation, and touchless payment options, courtesy of — you guessed it — PayPal. Stories like these showcase PayPal's commitment to its values and provide case studies of its products having an impact in the world.

3. Stripe

Stripe’s educational guides cover a range of topics, all related (in one way or another) to the company’s goal to provide businesses with online payment infrastructures.

This finance content marketing strategy includes topics about monetizing payments for software-as-a-service platforms, demystifying payment facilitators (payfacs), and managing online payments. These guides not only educate Stripe's audience, but they also position the company as an industry expert and encourage visitors to provide their email address in exchange for updates on industry news and new guides. When a visitor provides an email address, Stripe’s sales reps know they have a lead who’s interested in engaging with the company and its content. They can then reach out to move this lead further down the sales funnel.

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4. Mint

While the other examples listed here primarily deal with on-site content, that’s not the only place you can deploy an effective finance content marketing strategy. Mint is an excellent example of how you can harness the power of social media to bring your content to new audiences.

The financial app’s fun and creative "WTFinance" Instagram Stories help people understand finance and position Mint as an approachable company to work with. Covering topics including savings, interest, and credit, Mint’s stories are specifically geared toward the average consumer, which aligns perfectly with the money management tool’s target user base. This Instagram page then guides people to Mint’s website, where they can find handy financial calculators and sign up for the service.

For more information on how to develop an effective finance content marketing strategy and how Intero Digital can help you get there, set up a call with one of our experts today.

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