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18 Ways to Repurpose One Piece of Content

18 Ways to Repurpose One Piece of Content

Let me guess: You want to see more results from your content marketing strategy. Who doesn't?

Your first thought might be that you need to create more content in order to see more results. But what if I told you that there's a way you can generate results without creating new content from scratch?

As Salma Jafri said, "Create less, promote more." That's where content repurposing comes into play.

What is repurposing content?

Repurposing marketing content is essentially the process of recycling the content you've already created in order to give it new life, get it into the hands of more people, and engage your audience with the type of content they enjoy most. For example, this could involve taking a piece of written content and reformatting it as an infographic. Or it could even mean taking a speaking engagement script and using those insights to craft a compelling guest post for an online publication. The possibilities are endless.

The Benefits of Repurposing Content

Aside from the obvious benefit of saving time on your content creation process, you can also reap more rewards from a content repurposing strategy, including:

• An expanded audience.

A lot of the time, one single piece of content will be relevant to a subsection of your target audience. So when you repurpose that content and repackage it into other formats, you have the opportunity to meet a broader portion of your audience where they already are.

• Improved SEO.

Creating several pieces of content around a single topic can give you the opportunity to target a highly relevant keyword multiple times, increasing the likelihood that your content will rank in search results for that keyword.

• Sales enablement.

Have you heard of "Marketing's Rule of 7"? The rule states that your audience needs to hear your message seven times before they'll be willing to buy. Content repurposing gives you more opportunities to reach your audience members multiple times in multiple formats, helping you build that trust and solidify that relationship.

How Our Team Has Repurposed Content

We've seen the benefits of repurposing content firsthand. Our team conducted proprietary research and put together an industry report: "The State of Digital Media 2021." We found the results fascinating, so we wanted to make sure as much of our audience as possible had the opportunity to engage with the content. So we turned to content repurposing! Here are some of the ways we used this report to reach our audience:

• Blog post: "Improve Your Content Strategy With ‘The State of Digital Media 2021’"

• Guest post: "What Editors Want from Guest Contributors in 2021 [New Data]"

• Social media posts:

  2021 State of Digital Media Instagram PostState of Digital Media Facebook Post2021 State of Digital Media Instagram Post

• Webinar: "Give Editors What They Want: 7 Tips to Get Exposure in the Media"

• Press release: "Influence & Co. Releases 'The State of Digital Media 2021' Report"

• Inbound and outbound outreach emails:

State of Digital Media email outreach
• Email newsletter:


Learn what publications want from contributors.

Download "The State of Digital Media"

18 Content Repurposing Ideas

As you can see, any insights you share in any format can be repackaged in a number of ways, though this works especially well for research or longer-form content, as you can see from our example above.

Need some inspiration as you get started on your content repurposing journey? Check out this list of some ways you could repurpose your great content to expand its reach and enhance its effectiveness:

Download an Interactive Checklist of Content Repurposing Ideas

1. Blog post

Here are some blogging best practices to keep in mind.

2. Case study

Click here to see some examples of case studies.

3. Mini case study

Share client wins in an easily digestible, visual format — like this example.

4. Guest post

Here are some tips for seeing results from your guest posts.

5. Infographic

Learn how this type of content lends itself to attracting backlinks.

6. Video

Here are some tips for using video to strengthen your inbound marketing strategy.

7. Social media posts

Boost the business results you see from your social media posts with these tips.

8. Interactive quiz

Check out these tips for incorporating quizzes into your marketing.

9. Email drip campaign

Learn more about the types of emails your content marketing strategy needs.

10. Email newsletter content

Don't just send emails into a void; build relationships through email with these tips.

11. Outreach emails to engage marketing-qualified leads

Make sure those emails get opened with these subject line tricks.

12. Sales enablement emails to engage sales-qualified leads

Learn how to make your sales emails more effective.

13. Webinar

Here's some advice for holding an effective webinar that generates leads.

14. Podcast episode

Learn more about some creative formats for your content strategy, including podcasts.

15. Lecture or virtual event

Check out this advice for turning speaking engagements into a virtual event.

16. Press release

Public relations can seem daunting. Learn more about PR and how it can benefit your content marketing strategy.

17. Press mentions

Learn how a real company saw tangible results through mentions in the press.

18. Internal training materials for your team

Help your team members learn more about your company and industry — without having to create the materials from scratch.

I hope this list helps you envision how to repurpose content to strengthen your overall content marketing strategy and see tangible results — without going back to the drawing board every single time you create content.

To help you seamlessly incorporate this tactic into your content marketing workflow, we've created an interactive checklist outlining these options for content repurposing! Click below to download this resource:

CHECKLIST: 18 Ways to Repurpose Your Content. Click here to download.

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