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Your Guide to INBOUND 2019

Your Guide to INBOUND 2019

I've got bad news: Summer is almost over. As scary as that sounds, fall does give us quite a few good things to look forward to, like cool weather and pumpkin spice-flavored everything. However, if you’re a marketer who likes to plan ahead, you've probably got one conference in particular on your mind: INBOUND.

In September, marketing professionals from around the world will travel to Boston for a weekend full of learning and networking opportunities. Like every year, a lot of big names will be present. We’re talking Elizabeth Gilbert, Katie Couric, Jennifer Garner, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Alexis Ohanian. But that's just the tip of the iceberg.


Each year, INBOUND brings thousands of marketing and sales professionals together for cutting-edge experiences and educational sessions. Over the course of four days, you have the chance to experience numerous breakout sessions, listen to influential people share their knowledge and experiences, and partake in some really fun after-hours events. If you’re looking to have a good time while expanding your knowledge and making connections with industry groundbreakers, INBOUND is for you.

How Do I Prep?

Every year, we put together an INBOUND prep blog post that covers what you can expect, how to get ready, and which sessions you should check out, and this year is no different. With an event this big, preparation is crucial so you can get the most out of it. Take a look below at this year's step-by-step guide to INBOUND to find out everything you need to know.

Step 1: Organize transportation.

In my four years of attending INBOUND, I've learned a few things that might be unexpected but have proven to be very useful — the most important being locking down transportation.

I suggest downloading a ride-sharing app like Uber or Lyft so you don’t miss out on any sessions. Boston is a big city, so it could take some time to get to the conference. Keep in mind that you can always count on traffic. Last year, there were more than 24,000 INBOUND attendees, so making sure I had transportation sorted out ahead of time was a life-saver.

Step 2: Gather a list of materials to bring.

There are more than 250 speakers at this event, and while you won't be seeing all of their sessions, there’s still going to be a lot of information you’ll want to write down. I suggest bringing something to take notes with, like a notepad or a laptop. It’s important to be fully present and take in all you can, so try to stay away from work emails as much as possible or save them for between sessions or after your last session for the day.

A business card is another must-have item on the list. You’ll be meeting a lot of people at INBOUND (more than you can keep track of), so having your information on hand to exchange with others will make things much easier. Oh, and don't forget a portable phone charger! That's my go-to every year, and my phone wouldn't make it all day without it.

Step 3: Build your itinerary.

You’ll want to make an itinerary, and you should do that as soon as possible. Fortunately, INBOUND lets attendees reserve their sessions right on its site. As you go through the list of sessions, mark which ones you’re interested in. You can see the number of available spots and whether it overlaps with any other sessions you plan on attending, and you can prioritize which sessions will be most valuable for you.

This year marks Influence & Co. CEO and Co-Founder Kelsey Raymond's third year as an INBOUND breakout speaker. Her session, "How to Generate Revenue With Content Marketing," will include a step-by-step process for content creation, the kinds of content that will generate revenue, how to measure success, tools that will help you get started, and so much more. If you're interested in diving deeper into content marketing and how it can work for your business, head over to the agenda page and save your spot.

If you need some help building out the rest of your agenda, here’s a list of other sessions I have on my list:

  • “Advanced LinkedIn Ads for the B2B Marketer,” AJ Wilcox
  • “The Inside Scoop: HubSpot’s Email Program,” Tova Miller
  • “Creating True Connections in a World of Distraction and Disengagement,” Theresa Rose
  • “6 Amazing HubSpot Conversational Marketing and Sales Strategies That Drive Revenue,” Remington Begg

If you're attending INBOUND 2019, set up a time to meet with us at the conference below:


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