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What I’m Reading This Week, Vol. 5

What I’m Reading This Week, Vol. 5


As a kid, I was obsessed with words. I read everything ­— everywhere.

In fifth grade, we were given the chance to create our own spelling tests, so naturally, I looked to the back of shampoo bottles for inspiration. Only a reading-obsessed (slightly awkward) 12-year-old girl would choose to have “cocamidoproptyl betaine” on her next quiz.

I still can’t get enough of reading, so it’s exciting that we’re no longer limited to library books, cereal boxes, and yes, hair-product labels. The rise of mobile devices and better and faster Internet has eased the process of consuming written words.

With this post, I’m giving you a glimpse into not only the types of things I’m reading, but also how and where I read them.

I’m Reading:

Not That Kind of Girl” by Lena Dunham (via a good, old-fashioned book):

Lena Dunham is the patron saint of girls in their early 20s everywhere — and I once saw the back of her head in Greenpoint — so I had to purchase her latest memoir in hardback. If I know I’m going to read it more than once, I want the real thing.

Aside from providing hilarious and relatable stories about love, life, and snacks, “Not That Kind of Girl” delves into some darker territory about what it really means to be a Millennial woman and the challenges we face balancing friends, love interests, and cultural expectations.

Hard Choices” by Hillary Rodham Clinton (via my iPad mini):

Echoing the theme of strong woman leaders (but with more pantsuits and fewer crop tops), I’m reading the memoir of Hillary Clinton’s years as Secretary of State on my iPad. 

The authenticity of Dunham’s work starkly contrasts “Hard Choices,” which reads more like 900 pages of carefully crafted talking points. I’ve picked up some interesting nuggets about the touchy state of international affairs during this time period, but finishing this book will be more than difficult. 

Muck Rack Daily (via my Gmail inbox):

As a former outer-boroughs Brooklynite, I needed enough email newsletter subscriptions to get me through an hour-long commute while sandwiched between a woman listening to music on full blast with no headphones and a man trying to sell me a bootlegged “Inception” DVD.

I was (and still am) never disappointed with Muck Rack Daily, which gives me the day’s trending topics and the best journalism of the morning. It lets me know what’s going on, what’s important, and what’s worth reading before I get to work — without having to sift through tons of journalist chatter. The layout is clean, and the content is informative.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you’re reading, how you’re reading it, and why, so please leave a comment or shoot me a tweet!

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