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Top 53 Blogs Every Content Marketer Should Follow

Top 53 Blogs Every Content Marketer Should Follow


Staying on top of content marketing trends and news in this ever-changing industry can be difficult. But for marketers and business leaders wanting to improve (or launch) their content marketing efforts, this information is incredibly valuable.

If you’re still on the fence about whether content marketing is right for your brand, consider a study that shows that 52 percent of people say company blog content has impacted their purchase decisions. Or ponder the fact that 92 percent of marketers are using content marketing, but only 34 percent consider themselves effective at it. 

To keep you educated and updated on the latest in content marketing, the Influence & Co. team has highlighted the top 53 blogs every content marketer should read. Here’s the comprehensive list we came up with: 

1. Content Marketing Institute: This publication is considered the holy grail of content marketing. Joe Pulizzi, founder of CMI, is an entrepreneur, a valued speaker, and an esteemed author in the content marketing industry. CMI has an amazing blog packed with resources, studies, and research on all areas related to content marketing. Every content marketer — heck, marketers in general — should keep up with the educational content CMI publishes. 

2. The Content Strategist (by Contently): The Content Strategist publishes unique and insightful advice and analysis on brand publishing, storytelling, and various content marketing developments. Not only does it keep readers informed with engaging insights on current trends, but The Content Strategist also focuses on the future of content. 

3. ClickZ: This publication is revered as one of the largest resources for marketing professionals across all areas. We linked to its specific content marketing section, which is chock-full of reliable and relevant insights, commentary, and news. ClickZ’s mission is to make interactive marketers better at their jobs. How could you skip that? 

4. Mashable: Mashable is often seen as one of the largest publications for social media and tech news and trends, but that’s not all it offers. We linked to Mashable’s dedicated section on content marketing, and it is not to be missed. Readers will find eye-catching and fascinating content topics, each loaded with valuable takeaways and timely campaign evaluations.

5. Marketing Agency Insider: Brought to you by an Ohio-based inbound marketing agency and PR firm, PR 20/20 (a company that we've worked with in the past), the Marketing Agency Insider blog offers a variety of actionable advice for people in the marketing services industry. Its content marketing section is filled with valuable tidbits for marketers looking to learn as much as possible about the industry. 

6. lonelybrand: Established in 2011, the lonelybrand blog has published more than 900 posts. It’s a niche marketing site for brand marketers looking to improve the customer service angle of their marketing. It focuses on solving problems in a customer-focused way and publishes awesome articles about how content marketing can be the solution.  

7. CMO.com: The name says it all. This publication is for established, knowledgeable CMOs looking for high-level insights on a wide range of marketing topics. Presented by Adobe, CMO.com looks to help “senior marketers lead their brands in this new digital world.” 

8. DailySEOblog: DailySEOblog aims to cover the search engine industry from a different perspective: that of on-the-ground search professionals. DailySEOblog’s content marketing section features targeted strategies and an engaging discussion platform for marketing professionals.

9. Copyblogger: Copyblogger is a credible content marketing company that offers trustworthy advice on its blog as well. It’s unique in that it explores the nitty-gritty takeaways. That means readers can find writing, grammar, and creative advice to ease the content-writing process. We regularly visit this blog for insights on content marketing creation.

10. Content Marketing Insider: MediaPost’s Content Marketing Insider is the straightforward location for core content marketing analysis and how-to advice for businesses of all sizes. MediaPost excels at providing readers with targeted, industry-specific expert articles in each of its 50+ publications, and Content Marketing Insider is no different.   

11. Relevance: Relevance is fairly new to the scene and offers advice surrounding content promotion and distribution for senior-level marketing professionals. This site also covers paid, owned, earned, and shared media, as well as tips for SEO and influencer marketing. 

12. Convince & Convert: Convince & Convert is a popular blog destination for marketers. We love its witty, satirical commentary and opinions on a range of digital marketing topics, including the large section dedicated specifically to content marketing. 

13. Digiday: This publication, known as “the authority on digital media, marketing, and advertising,” should be on your regular reading list. Digiday posts a lot of articles analyzing recent trends, campaigns, and best practices for content marketers to keep you well-versed on industry news.

14. Ann Handley: Ann Handley is a bestselling author, the chief content officer of MarketingProfs, and a monthly columnist for Entrepreneur. She’s a fabulous writer in the content marketing space, and her blog contains solid takeaways on the creative storytelling side of content marketing, as well as overall writing tips we all can learn from. 

15. Quick Sprout: Quick Sprout’s blog is all about driving conversions through content and increasing ROI. That’s what every content marketer wants, right? We love this blog because it contains loads of data-backed insights and articles covering the best practices for managing a blog. 

16. Marketo blog: Marketo is a cloud-based marketing software program, and its blog brings unique perspectives to the content marketing discussion. Along with results-driven content marketing advice, the Marketo blog features sections on marketing automation, social media, email marketing, and lead management.

17. TopRank Online Marketing: Run by the TopRank Online Marketing digital agency, this marketing blog provides resources and commentary on a range of digital marketing and PR topics. We value the information found here because TopRank Online Marketing Blog has consistently provided useful content for more than 10 years. (That’s like 50 years in blogging time.) 

18. Social Media Examiner: Social Media Examiner is known as the “largest online social media magazine.” This site contains great articles on how marketers can connect with customers, drive traffic, generate awareness, and increase sales. We love the content marketing information found here because it focuses on creating engaging, shareable content.

19. HubSpot’s Inbound Hub: This is a go-to content marketing site for expert insights on content as inbound marketing fuel. There are in-depth, actionable articles on everything from applying online writing fundamentals to utilizing dynamic content as lead nurturing material.

20. Advertising Age: This publication entry should not come as a surprise to any knowledgeable marketer. Ad Age is a long-standing leader when it comes to providing marketers with thoughtful analysis, trend evaluation, and inspiration. Every content marketer should bookmark this publication to stay abreast of this dynamic industry. 

21. Social Media Explorer: This social media blog focuses on the core subjects surrounding social media and digital marketing. Marketing professionals will find valuable advice on developing content marketing essentials and increasing ROI through content practices.

22. Post Advertising: Creating engaging and entertaining brand stories is the driving force behind this blog. The simple layout tells you everything you need to know: This blog’s mission is to provide helpful tactics (such as storytelling tips) that others can use to write powerful brand content.

23. Drew’s Marketing Minute: Marketing agency veteran Drew McLellan runs this blog and brings his experience from working with clients such as Nabisco, IAMS, Kraft Foods Group, John Deere, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. This site features daily updated articles on brand storytelling and writing tips.

24. Sparksheet: Sparksheet is an award-winning multiplatform magazine focused entirely on content, media, and marketing. It offers original, in-depth analysis on how brands utilize relevant content in campaigns. Sparksheet concentrates on the “human” side of content marketing.

25. Grow: This is Mark Schaefer’s award-winning blog on marketing, social media, and humanity. Marketers are in the industry for one reason — to help businesses grow — and that’s exactly the philosophy Schaefer adheres to. His focus on ROI, whether it’s for reputation, profit, or general world impact, also adds depth to this marketing publication. 

26. The ExactTarget Blog: The ExactTarget Blog offers original industry trends and valuable strategies to help readers ignite their digital marketing efforts. We’ve linked directly to its content marketing section, which is packed with information for all levels and types of content marketers.

27. Content Standard: This is Skyword’s blog, and it covers specific issues, topics, and studies within the content marketing industry. Some popular topic sections include storytelling, video content, and mobile marketing. The appealing design and layout of this blog makes its helpful content even more enjoyable! 

28. CoSchedule blog: CoSchedule (a company that we've worked with), a company that provides editorial calendars for WordPress, offers this popular blog. Check out this site for unique blogging tips, actionable advice on repurposing content, general guidance on running a company blog, and valuable knowledge about the crucial content distribution area.

29. Copy Hackers: If you love Copyblogger, you’ll also enjoy this site. This blog provides specific, detailed advice and takeaways from a copywriter’s perspective. 

30. Heidi Cohen: Heidi Cohen has an expansive history in the marketing world, working for brands such as Citibank, Bertelsmann, and The Economist. Her blog offers actionable advice across various content marketing areas. Readers can use this information to brush up on their marketing industry knowledge.  

31. CMSWire: This blog examines the technical side of content marketing. Readers can find comprehensive guidance on areas such as content management systems and digital customer experience management. CMSWire has been around since 2003 and is a consistently solid content marketing resource.

32. EContent Magazine: EContent Magazine is an award-winning publication that speaks to executives and decision makers in various marketing areas. Its articles cover all aspects of the digital content world and specifically aim to empower marketing professionals and managers to create successful content campaigns.  

33. The Story of Telling: The name of this blog gives away its focus. The authors genuinely care about the meaning behind content. Readers will find insightful and extremely unique brand storytelling advice, best practices on hooking readers, and tips for capturing a brand’s voice and values through content. 

34. Duct Tape Marketing: If you’re a small business owner or marketer, this popular blog is for you. Duct Tape Marketing provides marketing strategies and tactics to help small businesses succeed. Although it covers dozens of topics related to small business marketing, the content marketing section is equally helpful. Readers will find comprehensive and thought-provoking articles here.

35. Boost Blog Traffic: Started by Jon Morrow, former associate editor of Copyblogger, this blog teaches businesses how to grow their audience and become thought leaders through content. Looking for powerful content marketing advice loaded with personality? Then you have to check out a recent post titled “16 Ways to Caffeinate Your Content and Give Your Audience a Buzz.” 

36. Brian Solis: Brian Solis is a digital analyst, an anthropologist, and a self-proclaimed futurist. His award-winning blog provides readers with a transparent view of how emerging technology affects business, marketing, and culture. This is a great, forward-thinking platform for content marketers to check out.

37. Visual Contenting: A huge part of content marketing is the visual appeal. If you want to effectively tell your story with visuals but don’t know where to start, Visual Contenting can provide specific advice on using video, infographics, slides, and more. 

38. Marketing Tech Blog: This blog is a cutting-edge site featuring technology news, trends, and advice in all marketing areas. We linked to its content marketing section, which offers easy-to-implement tech tips for creating successful content campaigns. 

39. The Orbiter: This is Orbit Media Studios’ blog, which covers content marketing, distribution, digital strategy, SEO, and analytics tracking. This is a great resource for content marketers of all stages looking to learn more. Check out the post “26 Questions for 26 Content Marketers” to see what we mean!

40. Branding Strategy Insider: Want to build strong brand relationships through content? This blog is a must-read for content marketers looking to do just that. Readers will find strategic insights on building trust with brands through customer relationships, segmentation, storytelling, etc.

41. KISSmetrics: You can count on the KISSmetrics blog to provide comprehensive content surrounding dozens of topics related to marketing analytics and testing. It offers in-depth guides on various strategies and tactics, making it the perfect site for content marketers ready to deploy.

42. Buffer blog: Every marketer should have the Buffer blog on his radar. This popular blog offers unique takes on productivity, customer happiness, writing and life hacks, and UX tips to provide readers with an overarching understanding of marketing strategy best practices.

43. Contentology: This blog’s tagline is “the art and science of content.” While relatively new to the content marketing blogging scene, this site’s attractive layout and wide array of content marketing topics makes it absolutely worth the read.

44. Moz blog: The Moz blog is a popular publication, well-known among even the most entry-level marketing employees. Rand Fishkin and his staff offer content marketers a fresh take on the latest in SEO and inbound marketing topics.

45. Unbounce blog: Visit this site to learn best practices on optimizing web pages to lower bounce rates and increase conversions on your content efforts. 

46. Direct Marketing News: Direct Marketing News is a well-known publication that provides results-driven strategies and trends for marketers in every area. Check out its content marketing section for valuable articles contributed by esteemed industry professionals. 

47. The Impact Blog: Content is the fuel used to drive inbound efforts, and you can’t find better inbound marketing insights than on The Impact Blog. This blog is packed with ideas, trend analyses, and how-tos on everything from lead generation to the content strategy itself. 

48. Distilled: Along with basic explainer articles for marketers, this blog also dives into particular areas in the industry, from marketing crowdfunding campaigns to specific brand content analysis.

49. Digital Sherpa: This is another company blog that offers loads of advice on topics such as running a blog, creating content, and distributing content. Its “Content Marketing 101” posts are written in an informal, humorous tone, which makes the articles even more enjoyable to read. 

50. CopyBot: Copyblogger Media’s chief copywriter, Demian Farnworth, lends his writing insights to readers of CopyBot. The tagline of this blog is “essential web writing advice,” and that’s exactly what content marketers can find on this site.

51. Danny Brown: This blog gives a unique take on “the human side of media and the social side of marketing.” It’s beautifully designed and contains thought-provoking, insightful posts about blogging, writing, online publishing, and more.

52. Chief Marketing Technologist Blog: This blog delves into an important concept for every marketer: the convergence of marketing and technology. Higher-level marketing professionals can learn how technological advancements are affecting marketing strategies here.

53. Shareaholic: Shareaholic’s platform is one of the largest and fastest-growing networks of content publishers online. The blog provides information and advice on blogging, content marketing, social media, content creation, and native advertising. There’s a little something for every content marketer on this site!

Now that you have a resource bank for everything content marketing-related, which blogs are you ready to subscribe to? Leave us a note in the comments, and tell us your favorites (or any we missed)!

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