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The Anatomy of Effective Gated Content [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Anatomy of Effective Gated Content [INFOGRAPHIC]

Creating attention-grabbing, high-value assets that encourage leads to exchange their contact information for that great content can be a tall task. That's why we've outlined what makes a great piece of gated content. Be sure your gated content (such as a whitepaper) has the following components to ensure your content marketing strategy is effectively engaging your audience and generating leads.

(And don't forget to make sure your gated content landing pages are optimized, too! Read more about that here.)

An eye-catching cover page: Readers aren’t going to want to dive into the amazing content you’ve created if it doesn’t look engaging. Pull them in with stunning design and imagery. A compelling title: Encourage readers to actually consume your content by starting off with an engaging title that piques interest while still conveying what readers will gain by reading. A clickable table of contents: Make your content easy to navigate by providing a table of contents that allows readers to click through to specific sections. Page numbers: The table of contents won’t be very useful without page numbers. An engaging introduction: Introduce the subject matter and draw readers in with a compelling introduction that makes it clear why readers should care about this content. Highly valuable, educational information: Readers have traded their contact information for this content, so you’d better make it unique, relevant, actionable, and valuable. The content has to be worth that exchange. Illustrative graphics and images: Drive home the information and concepts with graphics and images that enhance readers’ understanding of the content. Links to your related content: Throughout the content, it can be helpful to include a few links to related resources to help readers continue to learn more from you. A page about you: Include a page explaining what your company is about and what it has to offer. A relevant call to action: Include a call to action that’s relevant to the content and your audience. Much of the time, this CTA will be to get in touch with your company. Links to your website and social channels: At the bottom of the page, include linked icons that lead to your social media channels so readers can continue to interact with your company.

Now that you're on your way toward publishing effective gated content on your website, you need to have a plan in place to measure its impact. Download your free checklist below!

Download Our Checklist: How to Analyze Content Performance

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