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Resource Roundup: Marketing Advice From Industry Pros (Vol. 2)

Resource Roundup: Marketing Advice From Industry Pros (Vol. 2)

Continuous learning is critical for success — especially in the marketing industry, in which everything is constantly evolving.

Thankfully, the internet has created an opportunity for people across the globe to share and exchange knowledge through digital content, giving you endless access to all the education you could ever need.

To help fill your arsenal of educational marketing resources, we compiled a list of marketing advice from industry pros whose insights are sure to inspire your best work:

'How to Improve SEO Through Keyword Mapping' by Pierre DeBois

Pierre DeBois is the founder and CEO of Zimana, a digital analytics consultancy whose expertise lies at the intersection of marketing and tech. In this article, DeBois helps simplify the complexity of keyword mapping and shares tips on how to use it to improve your company's online visibility.

'A Simple Truth That Makes All the Difference in Multicultural Marketing – It’s Just Marketing' by Sydni Craig-Hart

As an inclusive-marketing strategist, Sydni Craig-Hart helps companies deepen loyalty and drive engagement across all audiences. Her article contains valuable insights on multicultural marketing and how to develop messages that truly resonate with different ethnic and cultural groups.

'The Business of Marketing Podcast, Episode 24' hosted by A. Lee Judge

A. Lee Judge is the CMO of Content Monsta and host of "The Business of Marketing Podcast." In this episode, Judge sits down with B2B marketing consultant Pam Didner to discuss the importance of sales and marketing alignment and content's role in it. Considering sales and marketing misalignment is estimated to cost businesses more than $1 trillion each year, this is a must-listen.

'7 B2B SEO Trends for 2022 That You Need to Know' by Kevin Payne

Kevin Payne is a content marketing specialist and founder of LeadHackrs, a freelance marketplace that founders use to start, scale, and sell their software companies. In this article for The Knowledge Bank, Payne shares must-know SEO trends that will improve your search rankings and expand your reach organically.

'Content Marketing Remix: Turn One Post Into A Deck, Podcast & More' by Ross Simmonds

Ross Simmonds is a marketing strategist, author, and speaker. His expertise has been published in well-known publications including Forbes, VentureBeat, HuffPost, and Mashable. In this article, he dives into the art of content repurposing and the key role it plays in content distribution.

'How to Create an Engaging Content Experience' by Nahla Davies

Nahla Davies is a writer who covers marketing and tech topics. Here, Davies discusses how to make content experiences engaging, interactive, and personable in order to guide your audience through their buyer's journeys.

'How to Impact Diversity When All Brands Are at Stake' by Tyrona 'Ty' Heath

As the director of market engagement at the B2B Institute for LinkedIn, Heath specializes in studying the evolution of B2B marketing. In this article for Adweek, she uses her expertise to outline steps that marketers can take to integrate DEI into their efforts and stand up for social justice.

'Try These Tools To Create Content That Works for Search Engines and Audiences' by Sally Ofuonyebi

Sally Ofuonyebi is a writer and content marketing specialist. In this article for Content Marketing Institute, she shares a roundup of SEO and writing tools that will help you create valuable content that's discoverable and intriguing to your audience.

'How to Choose the Right Content Management System' by Sean Davis

Sean Davis has more than five years of experience as a content strategist, blogger, and digital marketer. His blog post will teach you everything you need to know about content management systems and how they can help you create an experience on your website that leads to more traffic and leads.

'5 Things I Learned While Leading a Major Rebrand' by TJ Abrams

One year into his role as CMO at Exos, TJ Abrams found himself leading the company's biggest rebrand. In this article for Adweek, Abrams shares the most important lessons he learned throughout the process.

'3 actionable insights with… BlackRock CMO Frank Cooper III'

Frank Cooper III is the CMO of BlackRock, a multinational investment management corporation. For The Drum's 3 Actionable Insights, a series that highlights tactical advice from industry leaders, Cooper shares his best marketing tips.

The advice doesn't stop here! Become a better marketer with our library of free resources available for download:

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