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Our Clients' Q2 2022 Content Marketing Wins [INFOGRAPHIC]

Our Clients' Q2 2022 Content Marketing Wins [INFOGRAPHIC]

We believe that content marketing is a winning strategy for pretty much all businesses. This approach to marketing can help companies reach their audiences in an authentic, engaging, relevant way, and it allows them to work toward a number of goals, like thought leadership, lead generation, search engine optimization, and sales enablement.

Our clients' industries range from human resources to cybersecurity to software-as-a-service to fintech — and more. Regardless of the industry, we've seen our clients continually meet and even exceed their business goals by creating, optimizing, and distributing high-quality, strategic content.

Earned media, including press mentions and guest posts, is a vital part of most of our clients' content strategies because it can help them reach a wider audience, amplify their brand awareness, and ultimately generate leads. Read on to see some of the earned media wins that our clients were able to achieve in Q2 2022!

Influence & Co. Client Wins Q2 2022. Guest post in The Drum: "Adland says representation matters, so why isn't the talent in the room?" by Devin O'Loughlin from RAPP. Press mention in VentureBeat: "How AI brings accessibility and equity to healthcare" featuring Lu Zhang from Fusion Fund. Press feature in the Journal of Commerce: "Data-driven approach shakes up shopping for construction insurance" featuring Nyasha Gutsa from Billy. Guest post in AdAge: "Why linear TV could be the answer to cord-cutters' streaming fatigue" by Adam Ortman from Generator Media + Analytics. Guest post in Fast Company: "Helping women return to work isn't a 'women's issue.' It's a business imperative" by Tracey Wik. Press mention in Forbes: "4 things to look for if you want a culture of empowerment at your next job" featuring Timm Urschinger from LiveSciences. Guest post in American Express: "Creating a board anchored in justice, equity, diversity and inclusion" by Kevin Xu from MEBO International. Guest post in Harvard Business Review: "Onboarding can make or break a new hire's experience" by Sinazo Sibisi and Gys Kappers from Wyzetalk. Press feature in the Ottawa Business Journal: "MindBridge's fraud-busting AI now a 'need-to-have' as firm brings new partner Equifax on board: CEO" featuring Leyton Perris from MindBridge.

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Jennifer Faddis is the senior VP of operations at Intero Digital's Content & PR Division.


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