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Our Clients' Q1 2023 Content Marketing Wins

Our Clients' Q1 2023 Content Marketing Wins

We get an adrenaline rush when our clients achieve the wins they're hoping for and generate the results they're working so hard for.

Regardless of whether their primary focus is on building thought leadership and brand awareness, improving SEO, generating more leads, enabling sales, or a combination of those, we get so excited when clients reach strategic milestones that bring them closer to achieving their goals.

Join us in celebrating our clients' content marketing wins from Q1 of 2023!

Guest post: Quartz, "What a granola bar taught me about empowering employees" by Chris Cardinal, Synapse Studios

Press mention: Forbes, "The in-demand freelance skills where earnings are growing the fastest" featuring Johanna Buchweitz, Frankly Co.

Guest post: Fast Company, "These 3 advancements in femtech will lead to better care and treatment for women's health" by Lu Zhang, Fusion Fund

Guest post: Harvard Business Review, "How to support employees with seasonal depression" by Kelly Knight, EOS Worldwide

Press mention: Total Retail, "Top 50 tips of 2022" featuring an article by Andrew Flint, Occupier

Guest post: Fast Company, "How to be a high performer without getting stuck as a hero" by Bob Marsh, Bluewater


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Jennifer Faddis is the senior VP of operations at Intero Digital's Content & PR Division.


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