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Influence & Co.'s Quarterly Advice to Improve Your Business, Vol. 1

Influence & Co.'s Quarterly Advice to Improve Your Business, Vol. 1

If you've been following us for a while, you know that Influence & Co. consistently releases content about marketing trends and best practices. But we don't release content only on our blog — we also publish guest posts in industry publications, share insights with journalists, and join podcasts and panels. To make sure you don't miss a thing, we've rounded up our press from the past few months! Read on to learn more about the following categories:

Marketing and Sales


Business and Entrepreneurship

Hiring and Recruiting

Marketing and Sales

1. '5 Content Marketing Tactics to Boost Marketing-Generated Revenue,' Disqus Blog

Inbound marketing strategies can be effective ways to close more business and give your marketing-generated revenue a boost. To learn more about some effective content marketing tactics, read this article by Influence & Co. VP of Marketing Becky Ruyle.

2. 'How to Achieve Goals Through Content Marketing, Strategy, Creation, and Distribution,' Digital Agency Insiders Podcast

Join Influence & Co.'s co-founder and CEO, Kelsey Raymond, on the Digital Agency Insiders podcast as she discusses how powerful content marketing can be in helping businesses reach their goals.

Create a content marketing strategy that works toward your goals by downloading your free interactive content strategy checklist.

3. 'Outsourcing Content Marketing? Here's How to Make That Partnership Successful,' MarketingProfs

Outsourcing content marketing to a team of freelancers or to an agency can be daunting. So how can you relinquish control and let your content partner take the lead in your content marketing efforts without diminishing the effectiveness and quality of your content? Read this article by Influence & Co. CEO Kelsey Raymond to learn how to make your content marketing partnership successful.

4. LinkedIn Live With John Baldoni, Rhett Power, James daSilva, and Brittni Kinney Ratliff

Has the current climate got you wondering, "What's next?" Check out this LinkedIn Live session to learn what James daSilva, senior editor at SmartBrief, and Brittni Kinney Ratliff, VP at Influence & Co., have to say about the current marketing industry and where it's headed.

5. 'Conquer Cross-Departmental Deals With These 6 Key Questions,' Sales Hacker

In sales, getting multiple stakeholders on board is a dream. To do that, you have to ask yourself some important questions to get to the heart of how your company's services can help your potential clients' companies. Read this article by Influence & Co. VP Natalie Stezovsky to dive into six key questions and how you can use them to make cross-departmental deals.

6. '15 Smart Ways to Get More Mileage Out of Your Digital Content,' Forbes

Repurposing is a key component of a successful, efficient content marketing strategy. Read this article to learn 15 entrepreneurs' tips for getting more mileage out of your content online.

7. '11 Actions to Take Today if You Want to Become a Thought Leader,' Forbes

Let's be honest: "Thought leader" has become such a big buzzword that it's lost some impact. But thought leadership is still an important focus for leaders who want others to look to them for industry expertise and insights. If you want to work toward becoming a thought leader in your space, read these 11 actionable tips.

To learn how to become a thought leader in your industry, download 8 Steps to Thought Leadership Through Content Marketing.

8. 'Heroes, Villains, and Victims,' Managing Editor's Margins Podcast

Join Kelsey Raymond, Influence & Co.'s co-founder and CEO, and Mary Ellen Slayter, CEO of Rep Cap, as they talk about storytelling and how important personal experiences are when creating engaging, impactful content.

9. 'Want to Attract (and Keep) the Right Clients? Try These 10 Strategies,' Forbes

Sure, bringing on new clients is important — but only if those clients are the right clients for your business. Check out this advice from 10 entrepreneurs to learn how you can attract and retain the right clients.

10. '13 Expert-Recommended Tricks for Accelerating Your Online Growth,' Forbes

Much of today's business happens online. So it's imperative that your company's website encourages engagement and, ultimately, conversions. In this article, 13 company leaders provide tips and tricks you can use to improve your website's effectiveness.

11. '11 Top Tips for Maintaining Reader Engagement on Your Site,' BlogReign

So your audience is interacting with your content. But what's next? Read this article to learn 11 business leaders' advice for leveraging that engagement and keeping people engaged with your brand.

12. '11 Creative (and Effective) Ways to Inform Consumers About Your Latest Offerings,' Forbes

These days, advertising in the traditional sense simply doesn't work. With so many new businesses and products vying for consumers' attention in an oversaturated marketplace, companies have to adopt an authentic, educational approach. Check out this article to learn some tips.

13. '10 Tried-and-True Email Marketing Tactics That Actually Work,' Forbes

Email is one of the best ways to reach your audience directly and keep in touch with your customers. So how do you build an effective email marketing strategy for your business? In this article, 10 business leaders offer up their best email marketing advice.

14. '16 Ways Your Agency Can Learn More About New Clients’ Audiences,' Forbes

To provide the best service to clients, agencies have to know the ins and outs of clients' target audiences. Otherwise, the agency simply can't connect with that audience in an authentic, effective way. Learn some best practices from 16 experts.

15. 'Small Team? 15 Tips for Expanding Your Marketing Efforts With Limited Resources,' Small Business Trends

Your company's marketing efforts don't have to suffer just because you have a small team. To learn how you can expand your marketing strategy with limited resources, check out this advice from 15 industry leaders.

16. '7 Successful Sales Tactics and Why They Work,' Inc.

Let's face it: Sales is hard. And it's only getting harder. Audiences are more digitally savvy than ever before — and more aware of marketing and sales strategies. If you need some advice on how you can break through consumers' sales-blocking forcefield and connect with your target audience in a meaningful way, read this advice from seven entrepreneurs.

17. 'Getting to Know Your Customers: 13 Most Valuable Bits of Data to Collect,' Small Business Trends

The most important element of getting to know your customers? Relevant data. If you're not sure which data points are the most valuable in learning more about your customers so you can better meet their needs, read these 13 tips from entrepreneurs.

18. '17 Helpful Tools to Improve Your Email Marketing Efforts,' Business.com

As more and more companies embrace email marketing, they're realizing just how time-consuming effective email marketing can be. That's why 17 business leaders have shared the most helpful email marketing tools and strategies their teams use.

To learn more about how to create an effective email marketing strategy, check out our free email marketing checklist.

19. '10 Smart Ways Businesses Can Keep Up With Ever-Changing Social Media Functions,' Forbes

Social media changes so quickly that it can be difficult to keep up. But it's important for business leaders and marketers alike to be aware of these changes so they can adapt their strategies accordingly. Read this article to learn about 10 ways your business can keep up with the ever-evolving social media landscape.

20. '14 Unique Ways to Build Brand Loyalty Through Social Media,' AllBusiness

Brand loyalty is an important part of marketing and selling — especially now that companies have the ability to use tools like social media to interact with their audiences directly. But how can companies use social media to boost brand loyalty? Here are 14 strategies from business leaders.


21. 'How CEOs Can Champion Values in the Era of the Purpose-Driven Company,' American Express Business Trends and Insights

Professional branding is one of the most overlooked opportunities for business leaders to build relationships with external stakeholders and customers. By sharing your unique perspective through content, you can connect with the world in an engaging, authentic way. Plus, it allows you to demonstrate your and your company's values and how you're both working to make the world a better place. As you start building your professional brand, consider this advice from Influence & Co. CEO Kelsey Raymond.

22. 'How to Prioritize Your Team's Professional Development, Even Remotely,' Entrepreneur

If business leaders want their companies to be filled to the brim with people who are bought in and working toward the organization's mission, they have to invest in their people. Even if your company went fully remote due to the COVID-19 pandemic, professional development can't be left on the back burner. Read this article by Influence & Co. CEO Kelsey Raymond to learn how company leaders can infuse professional development into their remote company culture.

23. 'Want to Improve Your Workplace? 16 Productive Questions to Ask Yourself,' Small Business Trends

Workplace dynamics have a direct impact on team members' morale — and, therefore, your company's bottom line. Even if you think your company's culture is the best around, there's always room for improvement. That's why 16 business leaders posed important questions you should ask yourself to make sure your workplace is consistently improving.

24. 'Leading From Home? Make These 14 Actionable Changes to Be More Effective,' Forbes

This year, many companies across the globe found themselves suddenly working and managing their teams remotely. Needless to say, business leaders have had their fair share of challenges in terms of technology and communication. So how can leaders lead better from home? Check out these 14 tips from business leaders.

25. '12 Effective Strategies for Better (and More Meaningful) Corporate Meetings,' Forbes

Honestly, meetings can be a drag. Of course, good meetings can be a great tool for getting everyone on the same page and encouraging collaboration. But many meetings aren't optimized to be efficient, effective, and impactful. Read these 12 strategies to learn how you can make your corporate meetings more effective.

26. '7 Things You Should Say to Your Team More Often to Inspire Them,' Inc.

Are you confident in your ability to say the right thing at the right time to your team members to inspire them to do their best work? My guess is that your answer is a resounding "no." Communication can be difficult — especially when everyone's communication style is different. Check out this article to learn about seven things you should say more often to your team members.

27. '12 Excellent Team-Building Activities for the Summer,' Forbes

Teamwork is not optional. And that means that team-building isn't optional, either — especially because companies that invest in team-building have more cohesive teams that are better at collaborating. To learn how you can harness your team's creativity and encourage them to trust and depend on one another, read this advice from 12 leaders.

28. '10 Top-Notch Personal Brands Leaders Should Emulate,' Forbes

For entrepreneurs, personal branding is a requirement. It helps you connect with your customers, share your business's story, and build trust with your target audience. But if you don't know where to start, building a personal branding strategy can be tough. That's why 10 entrepreneurs have shared brands and personalities with top-notch personal brands.

Business and Entrepreneurship

29. 'The Top Small Business Website Mistakes and How to Avoid Them,' .biz

If you run a small business, you probably wear several hats. So do small business owners need to put on "web content manager" and "chief web designer" hats, too? The short answer: Yes. Read this article to learn what advice Influence & Co. CEO Kelsey Raymond has for small businesses that need to improve their websites.

30. 'Progress Slowing Down? 15 Useful Tips for Regaining Business Momentum,' Forbes

Business growth can sometimes stall out. When that happens, business leaders have to act. Read this article to learn 15 tips for how your company can regain momentum and continue to grow.

31. '9 Smart Ways to Stretch Your Productivity, Even if Your Time Is Limited,' Forbes

Let's be real: Eight hours in a workday doesn't mean eight productive hours of actual work. Distractions arise, emergencies crop up, and meetings pull you away from tasks. So how can you be productive when you only get a few task-focused hours each day? Check out this article for some advice.

32. '8 Entrepreneurs Discuss the Hardest Business Decisions They’ve Had to Face,' Forbes

Difficult decisions abound in life and in business. Read this article to hear stories from eight entrepreneurs who've had to make difficult decisions and learn from their experiences.

33. '10 Things You’ll Wish You Knew Before Launching Your Business,' Forbes

Many entrepreneurs will admit that they didn't feel fully prepared before making the leap into starting a business. It's impossible to prepare for every scenario, after all. But you can learn from others' experiences. In this article, 10 entrepreneurs share what they wish they had known before starting their businesses.

34. '7 Critical Steps to Take After Nailing a Pitch to an Investor,' Forbes

You've just pitched to an investor, and you hit the ball out of the park. The biggest hurdle has been overcome, right? Not quite. Nailing the pitch is only the first step of the journey. Read this advice from entrepreneurs to learn what steps you should take after the pitch.

35. 'How Can You Develop Reliable Customer Surveys? Check Out These 12 Tips,' Forbes

Customer feedback is crucial. But if you're not asking the right questions, you won't get great insights that you can act on. Check out this article to learn how you can create reliable customer surveys that provide useful data.

Hiring and Recruiting

36. '15 Topics to Bring Up in a Job Interview if You Want to Be Memorable,' Forbes

The interview process can be daunting. Not only do you have to sell your abilities and fit for the position, but you also have to set yourself apart from the pack. That's why 15 business leaders have offered up some memorable, impressive things past job candidates have said in the interview process.

37. '16 Essential Skills to Look for in a New Hire,' AllBusiness

The interview process isn't just difficult for the candidate; it can also be tough for the person doing the hiring. If you're looking for talent for your company, check out this advice from business leaders on which skills are essential in new hires.

38. '14 Simple Tips to Improve Your Recruiting Efforts Right Now,' Recruiter.com

The recruitment process can make or break whether a company finds the right talent. That's why 14 business leaders offered up their advice for how recruiters can improve their recruiting efforts and bring on better team members.

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