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How to Make Your Content Work for Lead Gen

In my (maybe slightly biased) opinion, people don't talk enough about all the different things marketers spend their days doing. Swing by the marketing table at our office, and you'll find our team members working on no fewer than a dozen projects at any given time — and I know we're not the only ones.

If you're anything like us, in the last few months alone, you might have:

  • Redesigned, rewritten, and relaunched your company's website
  • Worked with your sales team to design a new-and-improved presentation deck
  • Finalized the slides for your company leaders' sessions at two upcoming industry events
  • Secured a booth for your team at one of those events
  • Published a dozen or more blog posts
  • Developed and pitched guest posts to outside publications your audience reads
  • Launched three new gated content resources
  • Executed comprehensive promotion plans for all that new content
  • Maintained your relationships with key partners and vendors
  • Hosted three webinars with your team and outside companies
  • Grown your followers on various social accounts
  • Analyzed your data from last quarter to make the next one even stronger

I'm exhausted just reading that. And that's not even an exhaustive list.

The thread that connects all these efforts (besides your blood, sweat, and tears) is the end goal you're ultimately responsible for — lead generation.

Lead gen is marketing's biggest goal. Unfortunately, it's also marketing's biggest challenge. In its annual "State of Inbound" report, HubSpot found that 61 percent of marketers around the world say their biggest challenge is generating traffic and leads.

Content marketing can be your best bet for overcoming that challenge and achieving your goals — if you use it correctly. The website you relaunched and the webinars you hosted and the blog posts you published won't be worth a whole lot if they're not all working together as part of a comprehensive content strategy that's designed specifically to generate leads.

Content is a useful tool for every area of your business, but achieving a specific goal requires specific content to be used in a — you guessed it — specific way. If your goal is lead generation, then your content strategy needs to be built with that in mind.

That's why we created "The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing for Lead Generation." This guide details exactly how content works for lead gen and explores the types of content you need to fuel your strategy. It also includes interactive templates to help you assess your current efforts and map out future plans for generating leads with content marketing.

Marketers are responsible for a lot. Make it easier on yourself by creating and distributing content that actually works for lead generation.

Download your guide below and start generating more leads for your company using content marketing: 

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