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How to Harness Your Company’s Knowledge to Convert Leads

How to Harness Your Company’s Knowledge to Convert Leads


In an ideal world, your marketing team could see inside your prospects’ minds and deliver the perfect message to win them over.

But you don’t need telepathy to access information about prospects, customers, and your company right when you need it. By building out a company knowledge bank, you’ll create a database of essential company information that your sales and marketing teams can use to nurture leads.

At Influence & Co., we constantly update knowledge banks for every internal expert with notes from conversations with clients and prospects. Our marketing team then creates content around these recurring concerns so our sales team is prepared to combat them in the future.

After several prospects said that competing priorities, a lack of manpower, and budget constraints were holding up their content marketing efforts, our CEO wrote an article addressing the barriers to developing a good content strategy. Now, our sales team can pull this article from the knowledge bank and send it to prospects when they express the same concerns.

Your collective company knowledge has huge lead-nurturing potential; don’t let it go unused. By harnessing the insights of every employee, you can start putting this knowledge to work.

Knowledge Bank 101

A streamlined knowledge bank will help your team members do their jobs more efficiently by providing them with a reservoir of company and client knowledge. But this resource library can cause headaches if it’s not well-organized and used consistently.

To help you categorize important information and simplify the content creation process, check out our knowledge bank template. Make sure to establish guidelines for uploading information to maintain consistency, and require employees to sign their names to their contributions. This way, you’ll know who to talk to when questions arise — believe me, they will.

The content in your knowledge bank will vary by company and industry. You may want to add tabs for internal processes, services offered, and conference notes, depending on your line of work. But there are a few key tabs you’ll want, regardless of your field:

1. Company history: This section will house information about your founders’ story, acquisitions, large rounds of funding success, etc. Your entire team should know the company’s history so everyone shares a consistent message and vision for the company.  

2. Lessons learned: Your team’s combined experiences create a wealth of information on what to do (and what not to do) in a number of situations. Compiling these lessons from different departments gives everyone a framework for navigating challenging business questions or interactions. 

3. Customer pain points: Your salespeople are well-versed in prospective clients’ hesitations and pain points. Have them document these in the knowledge bank, and follow up with the company’s response to each one. The next time a salesperson is speaking with a standoffish buyer, she’ll be ready with a productive response.

4. Published articles: All of your published content, both on- and off-site, should be stored in an organized and easy-to-access document. Your team can use these articles in marketing efforts, like email campaigns, or to overcome sales objections in the field.

Becoming a mind reader would make marketing straightforward, but you can peek into your prospects’ minds with less effort than mastering telepathy demands. All you need to do is have your team contribute its collective experiences and insights to your knowledge bank. Having your prospective customers' thoughts—and your team's counterarguments — at your fingertips will make your conversations that much more fulfilling for both you and your potential clients.

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