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How to Create Content Your Sales Team Can Use

How to Create Content Your Sales Team Can Use

I cringe just thinking about what the sales process looked like before content marketing. It must have been a very, very dark time. Just think: So much cold calling. So much pressure to sell, sell, sell. It paints a pretty awful picture.


The emergence of content marketing, along with the ability of consumers to access information more easily, has prompted salespeople to start approaching the sales process in a different way.

Today, sales reps are no longer force-feeding consumers product details or schmoozing potential customers until they're blue in the face. Their approach has shifted from being pushy to being trustworthy, expert resources for prospects — and content has aided this new approach.

That's because content marketing is all about producing and distributing high-quality, valuable information so that audiences can make the right sales decisions themselves. It's not rooted in overt self-promotion; it's rooted in helpfulness.

It's that helpful element that makes content an essential tool in the modern sales process. Unfortunately, not all content works for all sales situations. For your content to be truly useful to the sales team, it has to be created for the sales team, with its needs in mind, and to be accessible to your reps when they need it.

But how can your marketing team create this sales enablement content? And how do you actually get your salespeople to use the resources you're creating? 

These questions, which we've asked ourselves before and have heard so many of our clients and peers ask, led us to create "The Content Marketer's Guide to Sales Enablement."

This comprehensive guide dives into the benefits of content in the sales process, how to bring your marketing and sales teams together to create powerful sales enablement content, and how your marketing team can make it easy for sales reps to actually find and effectively use these resources to improve sales.

The sales process and customer expectations are different now, and the last thing you want to be doing is relying on old, pushy tactics when you could be using content to make things easier and more effective for everyone involved. Start using content to empower your sales team members, make their jobs easier, and close more revenue.

Download our guide below to start creating content that enables your sales team:

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Natalie Slyman is a content marketing and social media professional. She enjoys reading her favorite blogs, perusing Instagram, and talking about her cats (even when no one is listening).


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