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How Guest-Contributed Articles Fit into Your Marketing Lifecycle

How Guest-Contributed Articles Fit into Your Marketing Lifecycle


You know that content reigns supreme when it comes to search, social, and engagement, and you might be producing blog posts, infographics, videos, or whitepapers to entice your audience.

But content doesn’t equal authority, and it can’t spread the word about your business like contributing guest-contributed articles to reputable, industry-specific publications can.

Contributed articles that work with your current marketing efforts can both advance your business and your brand. But how does thought leadership content actually fit into your marketing lifecycle? Why does this type of content ultimately matter for both your brand and your customers?

Understanding what a brand is and why customers love, hate, or are indifferent toward a company is essential for creating this type of content.

A brand is not a logo, a set of colors, or even a tagline. A brand has a story — a history of struggles, shifts, switches, and triumphs. It has a present and a future. It carries emotion and value.

This is why people buy or work with certain brands; they relate to the winding plot, the relatable characters, and ultimately, the beliefs of an organization.

If you don’t create this story and share it with readers, your brand becomes a hollow shell — something people feel little affinity for.

Creating thought leadership content that showcases your company’s ideas, beliefs, and values will: 

• Increase credibility.
• Build trust.
• Attract customers.
• Address customer pain.
• Showcase knowledge and expertise.
• Deepen loyalty.
• Re-engage customers.

Thought leadership content directly relates to the top of the sales and marketing funnel, meaning it produces awareness, interest, and desire. And once prospects fully engage, you can do what you do best: qualify, align, and convert.


This type of content also works to re-engage lost customers or solidify a brand’s relationship with current customers by building loyalty, encouraging referrals, and sparking renewed interest.

Ultimately, thought leadership content helps you build a relationship with the most sought-after type of consumer: the brand evangelist. 

Content has to be more than a campaign add-on or a short-term marketing tactic. Valuable, entertaining, insightful, and thoughtful content creates the storyline of your brand. Make it memorable.

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Post by Jami Oetting.

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