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Don't Miss These INBOUND Sessions — I Know I Won't!

Don't Miss These INBOUND Sessions — I Know I Won't!

Inbound2016.jpgFor the last few years, I've watched my marketing and sales teammates return from HubSpot's annual INBOUND conference more energized and excited about the work we do. They're always eager to share their favorite session takeaways, all the new tips and tricks they learned about marketing, the inside scoop on product releases, and stories from contacts and partners they connected with. This year, I'll finally be joining the party, and I can't wait.

It's exciting for a number of reasons: I use HubSpot for marketing and sales functions every day, so learning from the company itself about tips, features, and best practices will be really helpful. Plus, I've spent the last two and a half years getting to know our clients and partners from behind a computer screen; INBOUND will give me the chance to prove once and for all that I'm a real person.

Also, I really love lobster.

To prepare, I read through the insider's guide to INBOUND that my team wrote last year and sat down to plan my schedule. You guys, INBOUND has done such a great job bringing together speakers and experts for us to learn from, and I want to check out virtually every session.

But there are only so many hours in a day and so many sessions I can fit into my schedule, so I had to prioritize. These are the four sessions I can't wait to line up for:

"23 1/2 Tips to Master Lead Scoring: The Hows, The Whos and The Whatchamacallits" — Michael Rejmaniak and Vanessa Stirling, Yeti

If you caught my blog post on designing a drip campaign that delivers results, you know a major responsibility for me in my role at Influence & Co. is to bring in and qualify leads for the company. Part of this process involves ensuring our leads are nurtured in a way that makes it seamless for sales to take over when the time is right. This session will focus on tips for adequately preparing your sales team so they can close more leads for your company, which sounds right up my alley.

"The Top 10 Facebook and Twitter Content Promotion Hacks of All Time" — Larry Kim, WordStream, Inc.

I've made a conscious effort to be more active on Twitter recently, and I've seen my followers and engagement rates increase because of it. While that success is exciting, I'm really interested to learn more about what I can do to promote the right content, engage my audience even better, and turn those most qualified into leads for my company. And who better to learn from about this topic than Larry Kim? This session is sure to be a useful one.

"10 Human Behavior Hacks That Will Change the Way You Create Email" — Nancy Harhut, Wilde Agency

I cannot wait for this session. I feel like my whole life is dedicated to learning new ways to entice people to read and respond to my emails. I do everything I can to read up on email best practices and trends, but being face to face with an expert influencer and discussing what works — and why it works — will be so much more valuable.

"Perfect Your Sales Playbook With HubSpot Sales" — Matt Schnitt, HubSpot

Like I said, I use HubSpot every day, so I'll take any chance I get to learn more about how I can use it to achieve my sales goals and measure our performance. I'm excited to learn more about how the platform has changed and how those changes can make my job easier and improve my efforts.

My top goal for this year's INBOUND conference is to leave with more education. I can't wait to take a few days to step away from my desk and dive into hands-on learning experiences that I can apply to my job.

Marketing is constantly changing, and trends point us in new directions all the time. Many of us work so hard at marketing that we tend to grind away, never realizing that we've got blinders on that prevent us from learning about all these changes. INBOUND gives us a chance to learn about and take advantage of those small but powerful changes that may have gone unnoticed.

If you or anyone else from your team will be attending INBOUND this year, my marketing teammates and I would love to meet up. Just fill out this this form, and we'll get something scheduled. See you soon!

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