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Becoming a Data-Driven Marketer with Customer Intelligence

Becoming a Data-Driven Marketer with Customer Intelligence

How-to-Execute-a-Guest-Blogging-Strategy-That-Drives-Results.jpgIt’s widely believed that a marketer is the perfect blend of the creative and the analytic. Conceptualizing content with great storytelling and compelling design isn’t enough to guarantee success in marketing campaigns. When audiences everywhere are inundated with tons of content on any given day, having a strong data strategy can make a world of difference in ROI.

I recently spent time talking with Rick Porter, director of solutions architecture at FullContact. As Rick and I prep for our upcoming webinar, “How to Use Data to Create Better, More Personalized Content and Rise Above the Noise,” on Jan. 25, I wanted to share some insights on the power of data and what it means for your content strategy.

In our interview, Rick told me a little about his company’s customer intelligence APIs, and we talked about how contact data can improve marketing processes. I’ve shared the interview below, so make sure to check it out before you register for our upcoming webinar.

It’s great to meet you, Rick. I know a little bit about FullContact, but can you provide some background for any readers who aren’t familiar with your company?

Nice to meet you as well — and sure. FullContact helps build 360-degree profiles of people and companies using a suite of customer intelligence APIs. We connect data fragments for a customer — like an email, social, or domain name — and turn that into a full personal or company profile.

So, you’re using publicly available data to help businesses learn more about their customers. How does data like this help marketers create better content?

With the right tools, something as simple as an email can be turned into a high-fidelity picture of people in your audience — their social profiles, their interests, and their engagement activities. Learning this type of information about customers helps marketers find lookalike customers and prospects that they can target with relevant content. You can create data-driven audience personas, learn who and where your audience is, and, more importantly, create exactly the messaging and content you need to reach them. This helps companies to create an authentic relationship with their customers and improve their content marketing.

And from that relationship, companies can start seeing a return on their marketing efforts?

Exactly. It’s no longer enough to just have the standard data points on a customer, like email or location. To get eyes on your content, you need to be holistic in your approach to customers and prospects. You need data that digs deeper to understand their interests, what social channels they frequent, and how they interact with other brands.

Why do you think brands haven’t capitalized on building data into their marketing strategies?

I don’t think some brands know how much they can capitalize on this information. With contact data, brands can build their content and messaging around the interests of their customers. This helps create a positive experience with the brand and gives valuable content to the customer. By enabling personalization, brands can start reaching microinfluencers and begin building out advocacy programs. Instead of marketing to everyone with one message, brands can get very granular with their outreach.

Want to learn more about how to use data to create better, more personalized content that speaks to your audience’s needs and zeroes in on your target audience?

Join Natalie Stezovsky, VP at Influence & Co., and Rick Porter, director of solution architecture at FullContact, on Jan. 25, 2018. You’ll get expert guidance on using data to identify your audience, at each step of the content creation process, so you can measure and improve throughout your campaigns.

In case you missed our webinar, access the replay here

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