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A Farewell Letter to My Influence & Co. Family

A Farewell Letter to My Influence & Co. Family

“No company, small or large, can win over the long run without energized employees who believe in the mission and understand how to achieve it.” — Jack Welch, former CEO of GE

It’s hard to put into words what the opportunity to work at a company like Influence & Co. has done for both my career and personal growth, which is why announcing that I am moving to San Francisco with my husband next week is so bittersweet.

I’m unbelievably excited for this next adventure in our lives, but it’s also emotional to be leaving my I&Co. family. This company that Kelsey Meyer and John Hall, two people I respect more than they probably realize, built has made such an impact not only on our more than 180 clients, but also on me and the more than 60 employees on the team.

If you simply visit one of our offices, you’ll immediately understand why this is such an amazing place to work. Every employee here has a passion for helping companies build thought leadership because of our fearless leaders’ enthusiasm for and expertise in doing so.

To better understand the leadership in this company, I wanted to share the story of telling these two individuals of my departure.

The gist of my meeting with Kelsey:

Me: “Kyle [my husband] accepted an amazing job opportunity in San Francisco, and we are moving out there at the end of March. The move date is still tentative because of the house, but I wanted to let you know and thank you for everything you’ve done for me.”

Kelsey: “I couldn’t be more excited for you, and we will absolutely help with anything you need during this transition!” This was followed by about 15 more minutes of that amazing support.

We then hugged it out. (Really needed that — thanks, Kelsey.) 

The gist of my meeting with John (which, as luck would have it, I had to originally cancel; I ended up calling him an hour before his flight to Los Angeles due to scheduling conflicts):

Me: “Hey, John, I’m so sorry I had to do this over the phone. I wholeheartedly wanted to do this in person, but Kyle just accepted a position in San Francisco, and we are moving at the end of the month….”


I rambled on for about five more minutes, trying to explain what a great opportunity this was for us, and followed with “You haven’t said anything, John.”

John: “Let’s figure out how we can keep you on until you find something you love.”

Maya: “Aw, I appreciate that, John. I’m in talks with Kelsey right now about doing some freelance work, so we’re figuring that part out.”

John: “I will go rogue if I have to.”

A few giggles and many congratulations later, I let him get back to his important flight.

If this isn’t a representation of great leadership, I don’t know what is.

To Kelsey and John:

Thank you for this opportunity and for allowing me to steer our blog, The Knowledge Bank, toward becoming a top publication that people are excited to read and consider a valuable resource. (Also, thanks for letting me write things like “Who run the world? SCHUMER” in my #INBOUND15 conference recap. And for that one time I got to fill a post with GIFs of Hugh Grant dancing, Leonardo DiCaprio blowing kisses, and Jon Snow being, well, Jon Snow.)

The passion and expertise you both have regarding building thought leadership through executive branding has made such an impact on me.

To My Marketing Team:

I promise that you will find an adequate replacement and someone who can uphold the standards of our blog and marketing content. While I can’t promise he or she will be as big a Corgi fanatic, kale connoisseur, or lover of seemingly odd herbal remedies, I know you’ll find the right person. Thanks for making every day at work an absolute blast, and keep crushing goals like your bad marketing selves always do.

To Our Readers:

To this community and the blog readership that I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with and writing content for in the last two years, thank you for being so darn awesome. I know the person who steps into this role will do an amazing job and make big things happen — I can promise you that.

If there’s any content you’d like to see more of, please let us know! You’re the reason the marketing team gets up every day, and we always value your feedback. Leave us a comment below this blog post, tweet us @InfluenceandCo, or drop us a line here.

Want to Be a Part of This Amazing Team? 

That being said, WE’RE HIRING! If you love to write, work with amazing people, and enjoy using emojis to express excitement for an awesome lead month (with the potential of full-time emoji use), we may have a place for you. For more details on our content and social media manager position, visit this page: https://core.influenceandco.com/forms/content-and-social-media-manager

Farewell for now, Influence & Co. family. I’ll be seeing you.

Love always,


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