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7 Marketing Podcasts to Jump-Start Your Strategy

Marketing-Podcasts-You-Should-Be-Listening-To.jpgNow that we're almost smack-dab in the middle of 2017, you might be noticing that your marketing strategy is starting to lose momentum. The summer slump doesn't exactly help, but it does offer more time to focus on your content and prepare to enter the second half of the year with a head start.

Podcasts are one of the simplest ways to build your knowledge on content marketing without going nose-deep in a book. (Although if you are going to dive into a marketing book, might I suggest "Top of Mind"?)

Not only are podcasts as portable as your 1987 Walkman, but they also contain valuable information packed into 30- or 60-minute segments so you can maximize your time. I’ve put together a list of podcasts that you should be listening to for the latest tips and trends in the marketing scene. Take a listen:

1. Duct Tape Marketing’s "Duct Tape Marketing Podcast"

Hosted by John Jantsch, founder and president of Duct Tape Marketing, this podcast offers listeners engaging interviews with authors and experts. Episodes provide practical ideas and strategies for marketing professionals and small businesses alike.

Episode to start with: "How to Stay Top of Mind"

2. Convince & Convert and Salesforce's "Social Pros Podcast"

Looking for guidance on navigating the sometimes-overwhelming world of social media? "Social Pros Podcast" will be your best ally. With hosts like our clients, Jay Baer, president of Convince & Convert, and Adam Brown, executive strategist at Salesforce, this hugely popular marketing podcast features interviews with veteran strategists from large corporations who debunk those bad ideas circulating the internet and offer their insights on social media trends and strategies.

Episode to start with: "How to Use Content to Build Your Online Influence"

3. HubSpot's "The Growth Show"

"The Growth Show" is a weekly podcast hosted by HubSpot CMO Kipp Bodnar with one major theme: growth. This podcasts provides tactical information to help marketing leaders expand their businesses — whether that means growing a company, a movement, a specific idea, or a team. The show invites guests who have actually experienced success in these areas to share their stories to ensure listeners gain real-life advice to implement.

Episode to start with: "Facebook's Julie Zhou on How to Design for 2 Billion Users"

4. Digiday's Podcast

With audience attention constantly shifting, trying to keep up with consumers’ ever-changing demands and interests can seem like an uphill battle. In this podcast, host Brian Morrissey, editor-in-chief at Digiday, covers interviews with thought leaders in a spectrum of industries, from Mashable’s CEO to the president of The Economist, to give listeners a better understanding of how to adjust their marketing tactics to engage their audience and meet their needs.

Episode to start with: "Hearst's Troy Young: Half Our Content Will Be Video Soon"

5. Content Marketing Institute’s "PNR: This Old Marketing"

In each one-hour segment of "PNR: This Old Marketing," Content Marketing Institute founder Joe Pulizzi teams up with chief strategy officer Robert Rose to offer a broad overview of stories and news from the content marketing industry. With weekly editorial segments, such as "Rant and Raves" and "This Old Marketing Example," this podcast aims to remind listeners that content marketing is not some new breed of marketing; it's an old practice that has some valuable history behind it.

Episode to start with: "PNR 183: In 10 Years, Content Marketing Will Be Just Marketing"

6. MarketingProfs' "Marketing Smarts"

If you’re in marketing, it’s time to check out MarketingProfs' "Marketing Smarts." This weekly podcast features detailed interviews with smart marketers who home in on one niche topic. Because the episodes dive into one topic at a time, each 30-minute episode packs a punch, and listeners walk away with specific, actionable advice they can immediately implement.

Episode to start with: "True Influence Isn't About Follower Counts: Adobe's Joe Martin and Mark Boothe on Marketing Smarts"

7. Social Media Examiner’s "Social Media Marketing With Michael Stelzner"

"Social Media Marketing With Michael Stelzner" covers success stories in social media marketing to educate listeners on topics ranging from the nitty-gritty basics of building an engaged audience to going viral and finding success on Twitter. Check out this podcast if you’re looking for the inside scoop on how to use social media to connect with customers, drive traffic, generate leads, and increase sales.

Episode to start with: "Live Video: Tips and Techniques for Creating Great Content"

You really can't go wrong with any of these podcasts. Each one offers exclusive, valuable content from industry experts to expand your marketing knowledge and take your perspective to the next level. Take some time this summer to catch up on these marketing podcasts and jump-start your strategy.

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