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6 Tips for Incorporating Quizzes Into Your Marketing Strategy

6 Tips for Incorporating Quizzes Into Your Marketing Strategy

Lead generation, customer engagement, and customer retention are common marketing goals that companies invest in. With an interactive content marketing quiz, you can work toward those goals. In fact, 93% of marketers agree that interactive content is effective in educating buyers.

Interactive marketing quizzes can be an impactful tool for your unique marketing strategy, whether the goal is to generate leads, retain customers, or promote your brand.

Why Quizzes?

The first benefit of quizzes is that you can create them for free. You don’t even need to be tech-savvy to do it, so you don’t need to hire anyone to build your quizzes.

But even if you choose a premium quiz creator, you can distribute the quiz for free to reach your audience with engaging, interactive content — whether the quiz is entertaining, educational, or a little bit of both.

One of my favorite content marketing quizzes is The Foundation’s “Do You Have an Entrepreneurial Mind?” quiz. By coupling the quiz and Facebook ads, The Foundation managed to gain more than 16,000 leads, cut costs per lead, and generate millions of dollars in revenue.

How to Use Quizzes in Your Marketing Strategy

To take advantage of the benefits of interactive quizzes, try out these six content marketing quiz strategies:

1. Build audience-centric quizzes.

When you create a quiz that focuses on your target customers’ needs and pain points, you create a positive experience that builds trust and loyalty. It highlights that you know your audience and have put in the time and effort to understand them.

Personality quizzes are a great option for focusing on customers while also including products or services. You can do this by coming up with categories in which you can place quiz takers on the basis of their pain points. Then, include product recommendations in the results.

2. Create an engaging title and structure.

If you want to drive positive results from your quiz, it has to be engaging.

To make sure your quiz captures attention from the get-go, start with an eye-catching quiz title that’s impossible to resist. One tip for creating an attention-grabbing title is to include the word “actually.” For instance, you could name a quiz “How Much Do You Actually Know About Marketing?” It can be difficult to resist such a challenge.

And to hold people's attention until the end, make sure your questions are short and snappy, and don't include more than eight to 12 of them. If your quiz is too long, most people will abandon it.

3. Generate results worth sharing.

Quizzes are all about the results. After all, if quiz takers don't feel like the results are worthwhile, they might feel like taking your quiz was a waste of time. So make sure you craft shareworthy results. After all, the more people share your quizzes with friends and family, the more leads you can generate.

Your results should be uplifting because positive emotions will compel people to click that “share” button. They should also be honest and relevant to your audience’s needs and contain a strong call to action that encourages quiz takers to continue engaging with your brand.

4. Design an effective lead capture form.

Including a lead capture form in every quiz is vital for gathering contact information from your quiz takers. That’s how you can build and grow an email list and nurture your leads.

The best way to leverage a lead capture form is to display it before the results. You need to offer an incentive that will make your quiz takers want to share their contact information with you.

For instance, you can offer a free e-book, a free trial, a chance to get exclusive brand offers, or another relevant incentive that quiz takers would be excited to exchange their contact information for.

5. Distribute and promote your quiz on social media.

Sharing your quizzes on social media is one of the most cost-effective ways to get more people to engage with your quiz and potentially generate leads. Ensure you include beautiful, relevant visuals when sharing your quiz, along with a captivating title, an engaging description, and a powerful and targeted CTA.

And when promoting your quiz on Twitter and Instagram, always include relevant hashtags to increase visibility and the potential of going viral.

6. Nurture the leads you’ve generated.

Most leads need some nurturing before they're ready to sign on the dotted line. You can use multiple strategies to further engage with the leads generated from your quiz and bring them closer to becoming customers.

You can use automated emails to follow up and guide leads through your sales funnel. Start by thanking them for taking your quiz and letting them know you’ll be in touch.

Then, you can ask them to retake the quiz and possibly get different results. After that, you can start building trust by sharing educational content, as well as testimonials or case studies that speak volumes about your brand. That way, your leads can learn more about you and feel more connected to your business.

Next, wait a couple of weeks and then follow up again with promotions, discounts, or other incentives to drive your leads to convert.

Creating and distributing quizzes is a great step toward attracting leads and engaging your audience. And with these simple tips, you can create effective quizzes that help boost your business.

To learn more about how you can use a variety of content marketing initiatives to generate leads for your business, download your free guide:

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