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5 Company Changes You Need to Let Your Outsourced Content Marketing Agency In On

5 Company Changes You Need to Let Your Outsourced Content Marketing Agency In On

Life for any marketer is ultimately a busy one. There are numerous deadlines on your radar, meetings to prep for and attend, and various people and projects within your department to manage and keep track of. Needless to say, it can be easy for certain things to fall through the cracks if you aren't careful.

When things pop up in your company, you're seldom the only person they affect. You typically have to alert your direct support, your direct report(s), and anyone else working on projects with you who may be need in on the event. The same goes for your outsourced content marketing agency.

When it comes to interacting with your outsourced agency, sharing is always caring. The folks at your agency need to know when certain things are occurring at your company, and they need to know them as soon as possible. Looping in your agency partners will only help them better deliver on your strategy and ultimately allow them to support you through complicated changes.

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Five Times You Need to Give Your Outsourced Team a Heads Up

To help you walk that fine line between oversharing and undersharing, below are some examples of events that may take place in your company that your outsourced agency should know about.

1. You're hiring new executive leadership.

The members of your executive leadership team serve as the faces behind your company. If you're planning on adding a new face, your outsourced agency contacts should be some of the first people to know. In most cases, members of your executive leadership team are also your subject matter experts, or company thought leaders. Since your outsourced agency is helping them create content, that content may have to change or at least be restrategized for the new SME. Let your content marketing partners know as soon as you're able to tell people so they can plan accordingly.

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2. You're pursuing outside funding.

Pursuing more funding for your organization is a huge deal that could change the course of your business. It's important to alert your outsourced agency as soon as you plan to seek funding because it could affect budgeting for future projects. It could mean certain deliverables are no longer possible due to budget reallocation, or maybe you'll want to add new content deliverables in order to give this effort more fuel. Allowing your account team time to review what's in the pipeline and determine whether anything needs to be adjusted, tabled, or added will only help the team help you better prepare for this milestone.

3. You're considering a rebrand or a name change.

Rebrandings are like new beginnings. When companies go through them, it's almost like they're starting their company from scratch. Oftentimes brands think their content marketing initiatives need to halt while they prepare for their rebranding, but the reality is halting those efforts only hinders the process. Continuing to create content can help you better communicate the rebranding and/or name change to your audience and do so in a way that lets you own the conversation and the way it's positioned.

4. You're experiencing job shifts within your organization.

Turnover and occupational shifts are inevitable. They not only stall your internal processes, but they can also lead to roadblocks with your outsourced efforts. When you assign a new point of contact (POC) to help manage the efforts of your agency partners, it's basically like they're starting over with another company altogether. Your outsourced agency needs to get the new POC up to speed on the why behind your partnership, what has been working well and what hasn't, re-explain the vision for the organization and the agreed-upon strategy. If your agency counterparts are in the dark about a new POC taking the lead on the partnership, they cannot be the best partners for you and your company.

5. You're adding new service offerings to your arsenal.

These kinds of changes signal promising growth for your company. Big moves like these should be promoted through your content, and keeping your agency partners up to speed on any shifts in your revenue strategies allows them to proactively support the marketing efforts associated with them. Tell the members of your outsourced team about these changes so they can better strategize your content to highlight and promote your exciting new service offerings.

When it comes to the five company changes listed above, let your agency partners in on them as soon as possible. It will give them the appropriate amount of time to adjust your deliverables and strategy, better service your account, and continue to deliver on your goals.

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