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10 Ways My Last Article Helped Our Company

10 Ways My Last Article Helped Our Company

Plant the seeds for your company by using existing content to inspire new blog topics.

Our team is dedicated to using content to build credibility and value for our clients, and while I write and contribute to various platforms, I’ve never done a deep analysis of the aftermath of publication.

I recently wrote an article for the LinkedIn publishing platform and decided it was time to truly understand the ripple effect created by one piece of content.

My goal was to engage an audience around a topic I’m passionate about: the need for more empowering content regarding women in the workforce.

But the article ended up generating more interest than I’d imagined, helping our company in ways both expected and surprising. 

I’m even using it as inspiration for a blog post — the very one you’re reading. See what I did there? 

As expected, sharing this content on LinkedIn brought certain benefits, including: 

  • Engagement: The article generated more than 90 comments, including valuable feedback from women in leadership roles. I replied to most of the comments and connected with many of the commenters on the professional network.
  • Credibility: People view publication on LinkedIn as an endorsement, and it’s amazing how many people reached out after my piece appeared. A few cold leads even re-engaged with our company after reading the article.
  • A marketing asset: Since this content connected with so many people, I knew it was worth sharing through other channels. I promoted it on social networks and added it to my email signature.

The article also produced the following unexpected, but welcome, results:

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  • Additional press: One reader asked to publish the article in her online publication and included a link to the original article. This created more exposure for the content and our company.
  • Recruitment opportunity: Another woman invited me to appear in her webinar for young professionals pursuing marketing and PR careers, which will provide me with a great opportunity to speak directly to our candidate base. Eventually, we will use this to complement our job descriptions, providing more information on who we are and what we’re looking for in new hires. 
  • Invitations into groups: Sharing my ideas allowed me to connect with completely new networks of people. I was invited to join the LinkedIn Influencers group and several women-in-business groups.

Some other potential benefits may still result from the article, such as:

  • Sales: Although we may not see immediate gains, it’s worth keeping track of the leads generated by the article to see if they result in new clients.
  • Speaking opportunities: My past writing efforts have led to invitations to speak at events. I plan to use this article to showcase the value I could provide to a conference audience.
  • New employees: Many applicants cite articles from my co-founder, John Hall, or myself as a reason for their interest in joining the Influence & Co. team. Our content helps illuminate the company’s values, enabling more in-depth interviews and better hiring decisions. 

This article’s subject matter obviously struck a chord with readers, but its success can also be attributed to my efforts to maximize its exposure.

To make the most of the article, I used the same checklist we share with our clients:

  • I shared the article on my social networks.
  • I sent it to influential contacts and asked for their feedback.
  • I requested feedback from other contributors to LinkedIn’s Professional Women’s channel (after first reading and commenting on their articles).
  • I replied to as many comments as possible in the hours after publication; I then went back and replied to some of the more interesting comments in depth.
  • I linked to the piece in another article.
  • I sent the article to our sales team to share with clients who request samples of our work. 

The heart of Influence & Co. is helping individuals and companies by leveraging content. The great results of my own LinkedIn article have provided a rare and exciting opportunity for our company to experience those benefits firsthand.

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Post by Kelsey Meyer.

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